Get the latest update on the adorable Decorah-North eaglets

Decorah-North Eagles Update: Eaglets Are Growing Each Day, See New Photos, Watch Videos And Live Eagle Cam

There are new updates for the Decorah-North eagles’ nest and two eaglets DN4 and DN5. The eaglets hatched on March 29, 2017 and March 30, 2017, and are growing and thriving each day. A third eaglet also hatched, but sadly succumbed to hypothermia and passed away. The remaining baby eagles are becoming an Internet sensation drawing people to their live eagle cam that streams 24/7 via YouTube. The Decorah-North eagles are 36- and 37-days-old and as they enter the 2-month-old stage, there are many changes and developments they will experience. You may watch the live eagle cam featuring the Decorah-North eaglets DN4 and DN5 in the video player below.

Watch Decorah-North Eagles Live via the YouTube Eagle Cam

The Decorah-North live eagle cam began streaming on Feb. 22, 2016, for the previous eagle season. Approximately one year later, the 2017 eagle season was in full gear as mom Decorah-North laid three eggs in mid-February. The nest is located in Decorah, Iowa, and it is typical for bald eagles to lay between one and three eggs each season. Bald eagles take turns with incubating and feeding duties and it’s common to see dad eagle incubating eggs while giving mom a break. As the eaglets grow stronger and older they will spend more time alone in the nest. DN4 and DN5 have a close relationship and have captivated many with their funny antics displayed in the nest and caught on the live cam.

The Decorah-North nest is located in a white oak tree and will be home to the eaglets for several months. They will continue to grow stronger and then learn branching skills before taking their first flight or fledge. This occurs when the eaglets are approximately 2-and-a-half months old. After branching and the first fledge, the eagles will develop their hunting and flight skills. Bald eagles build nests near bodies of water as fish is often a staple food in their diet. The Decorah-North nest is adjacent to a stream where mom and dad catch fish and bring them to the nest. You may watch the live eagle cam below and check in on the Decorah-North eagles anytime day and night. You may learn more about bald eagles at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

There are several YouTube users who are following the Decorah-North live eagle cam. They watch the live feed and then capture notable and memorable moments. These derivative videos from the live cams become an important way of documenting animals in the wild. One YouTube user who is following the Decorah-North eagles via the live cam is Blossem Holland. On May 5, 2017, Blossem Holland captured video footage with detailed, close-ups of the two eaglets DN4 and DN5. You may watch that video footage below. A second video that was taken on May 3, 2017, shows additional closeups of the eagles’ parents.

Watch the Decorah-North Eaglets in the 2017 Eagle Season via Raptor Resource

The Raptor Resource is a non-profit organization that focuses on birds of prey and their preservation and conservation. The Raptor Resource hosts the live eagle cam and provides regular updates via video and Facebook. You may see a playlist featuring videos from the Decorah-North 2017 season with an emphasis on the adorable eaglets DN4 and DN5.

On May 6, 2017, the Raptor Resource shared a wonderful photo of one of the eaglets assuming the sun pose. It sounds like a yoga position for birds and it does promote health. The Decorah-North nest has experienced heavy rain and viewers watched as mom eagle repeatedly sheltered her baby eaglets from the storms. On Saturday morning, the sun was shining and it was a good time for the eaglets to soak up the rays and dry out their damp feathers. The photo below shows DN4 with one foot outstretched as the young eaglet essentially aired out his or her feathers in the warm sun rays.

You may see photos of Decorah and Decorah-North eagles sheltering their eaglets from the rain in the pictures below.

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[Featured Image by Predrag1/Thinkstock]