Sandra Fluke's "Person of the Year" nod

Megyn Kelly On Sandra Fluke: ‘TIME’ Nod ‘Cheapens’ The Honor [Video]

Controversial women’s rights firebrand Sandra Fluke has been nominated as TIME’s “Person of the Year,” and that doesn’t sit kindly with Fox News anchor and pundit Megyn Kelly.

Kelly has criticized Fluke before, as have other Fox hosts. But now that Fluke has been nominated for TIME‘s “Person of the Year,” pundits have a whole new reason to scoff at her. Positioned between liberal radio host Leslie Marshall and right wing radio host Lars Larson, an agitated-looking Kelly announced “voting is under say for Time’s person of the year.” Kelly wryly asked “guess who made the cut?”

Kelly referenced Fluke’s sentiment that “paying for birth control is a hardship for female students,” playing part of her testimony to the Democratic House committee that she is now infamous for.

“Ya got JFK, ya got Gandhi, and maybe now Sandra Fluke,” Kelly deadpanned.

Marshall defended Fluke, saying that if Jay-Z and Jon Stewart can get the nod, so can Fluke. Kelly replied: “many women felt that Sandra Fluke of what women value and how they feel about society and there was a tone in a lot of her remarks that was akin to that of a victim.” Though Fluke could be seen as a victim, “there was controversy about that.”

Kelly also said that Fluke’s nomination “cheapens” TIME’s award, saying, “having, with all due respect to Ms. Fluke and what she stands for, by even having Jay-Z and Sandra Fluke and John Stewart on the same list as that little girl?”