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Trace Adkins Defends Confederate Flag Earpiece

trace adkins

Country singer Trace Adkins caused a little controversy yesterday when he was spotted wearing a confederate flag earpiece at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Several people criticized Adkins for wearing the confederate flag, which has become a symbol of racism for many, during the Christmas ceremony. Adkins said in a statement today that he does not see the confederate flag as a racist symbol. Instead, Adkins argues that the flag serves as a reminder to his southern lineage.

Adkins said:

“As a proud American I object to oppression of any kind. To me, the battle flag represents remembrance of my Southern lineage – I am a descendant of Confederate soldiers who followed that flag into battle. I advocate for the preservation of America’s battlefields and honest conversation about our Country’s history.”

Adkins acknowledged that some people see the confederate flag as a racist symbol but told his fans that he didn’t intend to offend anyone.

Adkins continued:

“To those who view the flag as a symbol of racism, that was not my message and I did not intend offense.”

What do you think about Trace Adkins confederate flag earpiece? Do you think the flag is a symbol of racism?

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5 Responses to “Trace Adkins Defends Confederate Flag Earpiece”

  1. Marvin E. Wampler

    I to am proud of this battle flag of the Northern Virgina Army, that some of my forefathers followed into battle. But I do not fly it because of the hate groups that use it, not knowing what it stands for. I do have belt buckles I wear with the Confederate National Flag. Most of the people who cry so much have no idea what it is.

  2. Linda Shaw Young

    Seems strange to me that everyone sees this flag as a racist symbol. The first slaves taken out of Africa sailed on ships with a variety of flags. They were captured and sold by warring tribes and sold to slavers sailing under many flags none of which was the battle flag of Northern Virginia. These slavers made the money off the initial sales and treated them horribly on the ships. Why no uproar over all of these flags? Most people don't even realize the flag in question is not the Confederate flag. I have never owned a slave and the people offended have never been a slave. It is time to get the facts straight and move on. If you take a look back in history, most conquered countries have been slaves to their conquerers. We probably all have some form of slavery in our past. Also, what about the American Indian. Their lands were stolen and their population moved to reservations. It is time to quit looking for something to complain about!

  3. Carol Smith

    History is what it is. We learn from history. The people who think it is racist need to live with the past and embrace the future to make it a better place. I am from the South and I respect the Confederate flag as well as Martin Luther King. Each has its place in OUR country's past

  4. Olin Swan

    We should be proud of our confederate history if we can not have our flag KU should not have the jayhawk the.
    jayhawkers where thiefs and murders who cotentoued to kill after the war murdered my greatgreatgrandfather.
    in 1868

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