The Undertaker Has Officially Retired From WWE For Good

WWE News: The Undertaker Undergoing Major Surgeries That Will Guarantee the End of His Wrestling Career

The WWE Universe is still coming to terms with The Undertaker’s WWE career ending, but he’s undergoing some surgeries that will ensure that any future rumors about another match are nothing but false hope. At WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns in the main event. The Orlando crowd watched as The Deadman left his gloves and attire in the ring and left a WWE arena for the last time.

Unfortunately, the WWE Universe has taken their disappointment in the situation out on Roman Reigns. A lot of people were unhappy that WWE officials changed the creative plans for The Undertaker to lose his last match to Reigns. It was rumored for months that Undertaker would feud with AJ Styles and then move onto a match with John Cena on the grandest stage of them all. More people would have been accepting of that.

However, what’s done is done. The WWE Universe remains hopeful that WrestleMania 33 was not the last we would ever see of The Undertaker. Speculation about The Deadman having one more match in WWE will continue into New Orleans next year. Many fans that remain hopeful will take his retirement more seriously after WrestleMania 34. More recently, a huge update on The Undertaker’s current health has come to light.

Could The Undertaker Return at Survivor Series
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It’s being reported that The Undertaker was recently seen entering the David H. Koch Pavilion Hospital for Special Surgery in New York alongside Michelle McCool this week. He was rumored to need a few surgeries to improve his health, but they were continuously delayed because The Deadman wanted to keep wrestling.

Most importantly, he has needed hip replacement surgery for quite some time, but having the surgery would essentially guarantee the end of his WWE career. Because of that, Undertaker kept putting off the procedure until he could end his career on his own terms, which he did on the grandest stage of them all in Orlando.

Since Undertaker was seen entering a hospital for special surgery, it means the green light for the procedure has been given, and it’s only a matter of time before he finally has the hip replacement surgery he needs. The WWE Universe knows that you can “never say never” in the wrestling business, but The Undertaker having the hip surgery says that it’d take an incredible situation for The Deadman to have another match someday.

Real Reason Why The Undertaker Didn't Appear at FastLane
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It’s also been reported that The Undertaker character may never appear on WWE programming again after WrestleMania 33 for any reason. Some fans will take that to mean “The American Badass” could potentially return to WWE someday. In reality, it means that any further appearances Mark Calaway makes for WWE will be as himself, including whenever WWE officials decide to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

If Mark Calaway is finally done wrestling, the WWE Universe would still like to see him from time to time on WWE programming. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem like the type of performer to take a Raw GM role or something else on WWE television every week. There is some speculation about what kind of role Calaway could have behind the scenes with the company over the coming years. So far, there are only a few ideas.

The Undertaker will always be welcomed back by the WWE Universe. On paper, he seems like a shoo-in for a role backstage or at the WWE Performance Center. However, his immediate goals are to get healthy, and that will take time after putting his body through 30 years of wrestling. As of this writing, it’s unknown what the future holds for Undertaker in the wrestling business, but he won’t have more matches for WWE.

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