Nick Viall to drop his first career

Nick Viall’s Post-‘Bachelor’ Career Is Too Predictable: Will He Also Take Up Sponsored Posts And Blogging?

Nick Viall’s time is done on national television, at least for now. He got engaged on the Bachelor finale after four attempts to find love on television. He also just wrapped up his stint on Dancing With The Stars after competing alongside other celebrities. But this week, Nick got the boot and he sat down with his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, to discuss what happened on the show and what his future plans are. And while it may not come as a surprise to Bachelor fans, Viall is planning on starting a new business now that he’s famous. Why not make some money from his fan base like so many other Bachelor contestants have done?

According to a new Us Weekly report, Nick Viall is now revealing that he is launching something new and exciting after his dancing time has come to an end. On The Bachelor finale, Viall got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi and one can imagine she has something to say about his career choice. Vanessa worked as a teacher in Montreal for people with special needs, but she decided to join him in Wisconsin to stay close to his family. But will she support his career decision?

“Nick had such a serious case of stage fright he blanked out on the dances,” Peta revealed when asked about Nick’s performance on the show and it sounds like Nick agrees, as he didn’t have much dancing experience prior to the show.

“I had no performance experience, so it was something I had to get used to. Nothing stopped me from enjoying myself,” Nick Viall told Us Weekly in an interview after he was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars, adding, “I expected to go home every week. But it was fun to last this long.”

As it turns out, Nick Viall’s post-Bachelor career choice has nothing to do with dancing. Instead, he plans on using his image in a different way. While many former contestants have started blogs, gotten Instagram sponsorships, and are essentially working as online advertisers, Nick wants to do something different. While the show was airing, he has been working on a men’s grooming line, which will be released next week.

“My biggest priority will be the Polished Gent [his men’s grooming line, launching May 8]. There are some tricks that I have done over the years to maintain a youthful appearance. It made sense to take the stuff I’ve been using and put it into a single box I can share with everyone,” Nick Viall told Us Weekly about his future plans now that he’s no longer competing on Dancing With The Stars, and his Bachelor journey has come to an end.

Of course, Nick Viall may have earned a few bucks for being on The Bachelor this year. Andi Dorfman was rumored to make upwards of $250,000 for her time on the show, and since Viall is such a powerful icon in the Bachelor franchise, his payday could be around that figure. He has been in the finale twice before and left dumped and depressed. He was also on Bachelor In Paradise, which ended up changing people’s perceptions of him. So when Nick finally got his own chance to find love, one can imagine producers offered up quite a bit of money. But rather than falling into the sponsored Instagram post trap, Viall may want to build a more sustainable business. Only time will tell how he uses his fame.

What do you think of Nick Viall’s post-Bachelor career choice? Do you think he will follow in other people’s footsteps and start doing sponsored content on social media and even starting a blog to capitalize on his Bachelor fame?

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