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Jacob Roloff Slams ‘Little People, Big World’ Once Again For Fake Scene On Season Premiere

Jacob Roloff has been very open about the fact that he is not happy his family forced him on reality television at such a young age. Once again Jacob is speaking out against the show, even though he has been getting along with his family better. Radar Online revealed that Jacob went to his blog to share about the season premiere of Little People, Big World.

Jacob is very upset about the way that his mom Amy looked upset on the season premiere of their show. He shared his thoughts on his blog about how a scene was obviously staged.

“In the scene they were supposed to be discussing some serious matter…I remember though that the scene they were doing was inherently staged and fake. Whatever discussion they were acting out had already happened in real life, so this was at best a rehashing. When they came out though, I saw tears in my mom’s eyes and I suddenly realized that this staged ‘joke,’ ‘fake’ thing was effecting real life in a profound way.”

Over the years, Jacob Roloff has called the show fake and revealed that he feels like his family is portrayed as characters instead of the show being reality. Jacob did say he isn’t upset with his family anymore and revealed, “I’ve come to let go of all bitterness in recent years towards both my parents and the production company.” Jacob lives with his girlfriend and their two dogs in California far away from his family and reality television.

In this blog, Jacob Roloff revealed that he was on camera for 13 years of his life. That has obviously changed since then. He calls himself lucky to have gotten out of that life. Jacob started the show at just the age of 6, and when he turned 18, he made the decision not to sign the contract and continue on with it. He wasn’t required to show up for any filming for the show after not signing this contract. Jacob Roloff was free to move on with his life.

After that, Jacob Roloff explained how they actually made the family into characters and who he thinks each one of them is on the show.

“However, filming is the raw material, production is when they create a story. Obviously I was a brat sometimes, which would be abnormal if I wasn’t, but Created Character Jacob from Little People Big World was a brat in totality. Not just simply acting bratty, like normal; production redefined his humanhood to Brat. They did the same tricks with my whole family. I posted once that, ‘the family that is filmed is not my family. They are the Roloff Characters..’ People mistook that and said such outrageous things as, ‘So who is your real mom?!’ Obviously what I meant was that the Characters everyone sees on TV are merely the product of a group of folks in LA editing raw footage into a story that sells. Dad: Creative; Mom: Controlling; Zach: Angry; Molly: Smart (okay that one is on point); Jeremy: Adventurous; and Myself: Brat. That’s quite a dynamic cast! It’s too bad that people take those caricatures as Gospel.”

The thing that Jacob Roloff hated the most about filming the reality show was the interviews. If it was supposed to be reality, then why was someone setting up a chair and making him answer questions? Jacob Roloff is making it very clear that he had a great childhood, but he is still not happy with a lot of things that he dealt with growing up on reality television.

Are you shocked to hear Jacob Roloff speaking out against Little People, Big World once again? Do you feel like they will ever be able to get Jacob back on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC.

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