A new 'Dragon Ball Super' leak suggests that Lady Broly is not the female Universe 6 Saiyan introduced last week.

Hot New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Theory Suggests Caulifla Is Not Lady Broly, Another Female SSJ Joining U6 Team?

Ever since the first teaser for the Universe Survival Arc was released, avid Dragon Ball Super fans were quick to notice the presence of a female fighter that transformed from a seemingly meek teenage girl to a mountain of muscle and power reminiscent of DBZ’s Legendary Super Saiyan. Fondly dubbed by the DBS fanbase as Lady Broly, the fighter had dominated numerous Dragon Ball Super discussions over the past few months. While it appeared last week that the character has just been introduced to the anime, a new leak from the source code of the official Dragon Ball Super website seems to suggest that there would be two, not one, female Saiyans in the Tournament of Power. More interestingly, Lady Broly is yet to make an appearance in the anime.

Speculations that the highly-anticipated fighter has already been revealed in the series came about after last week’s episode introduced viewers and avid fans of the franchise to Caulifla, a female fighter from Universe 6. Recruited by Cabba, Caulifla initially appeared to be the fighter who was teased in the Universe Survival Arc previews. Inasmuch as Caulifla was completely memorable due to her thug-like attitude towards Cabba, however there were quite a few things that didn’t match up with regards to her alleged identity as Lady Broly.

For one, Caulifla was extremely assertive, both in her actions and her words. The fighter from the preview, however, appeared very meek and timid before transforming into what could only be described as the Legendary Super Saiyan form. Apart from this, her appearance was also quite different, as Caulifla sported a wild hairstyle with purple clothing while Lady Broly had hair that was neatly pulled back and red fighting gear. While these differences were apparent, many Dragon Ball Super fans simply chucked the differences between the recently introduced character and the daunting fighter previewed in the Universe Survival Arc teaser as an error on Toei Animation’s part.

If a new character bio from the official Dragon Ball Super website is any indication, however, it might seem that Lady Broly might be an entirely separate character from Caulifla. Through an analysis of the source code for Universe 6’s page in the official Dragon Ball Super website, avid fans of the series discovered a bio for a character that is yet to be introduced. Called Keru or Kale, the fighter seems to be tailor-fit to the initial impressions fans had of Lady Broly and her brief appearance in the previews for the Tournament of Power.

“Always gets chewed out by Cabba for being too nervous. After Cabba tells her to unleash her anger in order to become Super Saiyan, her pent-up stress takes her into a berserker state. Has incredible power once she cuts loose.”

Considering the leaked bio, the character’s personality appears entirely different from the recently introduced Caulifla. Avid fans from online forums such as Reddit have also noted that while Caulifla is a perfect fit for the name pun of the original LSSJ (Broly is a pun on broccoli, while Caulifla is a pun on cauliflower), Kale also fits right in with the naming themes of the U6 fighters. Kale, after all, belongs to the same group of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage (Cabba), broccoli (Broly), and cauliflower (Caulifla).

Considering that even the name of the newly discovered character checks out, it appears that Dragon Ball Super might not be debuting just one female Super Saiyan in the Universe Survival Arc, but two. Even better, one of them is the Legendary Super Saiyan, and she has not been introduced in the anime as of yet. When she finally does get introduced, however, there is very little doubt that Lady Broly would once more set the Dragon Ball Super community aflame.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]