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‘General Hospital’ Fans Rally To Keep Roger Howarth On Soap, Will The Friz Magic Continue? [Spoilers]

It is a well-known fact that General Hospital fans can be relentless when it comes to vocalizing their likes and dislikes of the characters and storylines that are a big part of the ABC soap. They especially pull together when one of them is in danger of getting the boot from the show. Roger Howarth, aka Franco Baldwin, is the most recent actor who has apparently hit a snag in his contract, and his fans are not happy at all.

There was a recent report coming from Daytime Confidential that Howarth has not yet signed a new contract with General Hospital because of some issues that they have not yet ironed out. Just the thought of this award-winning soap actor being dumped has fans taking to social media in protest.

Roger Howarth officially joined GH as Franco in 2013 and has since become a fan-favorite. His popularity grew enormously when General Hospital decided to test the waters between him and Rebecca Herbst, who plays the role of Elizabeth Webber. It was a strange pairing, but the chemistry between those two exploded on air and has developed into a match made in soap heaven.

This couple has also prompted a huge following called “Frizzies.” They have seen the magic that has slowly developed between Franco and Liz, and they have enjoyed every moment of it. What started out as a friendship has grown stronger with each passing day, and their relationship is now considered a huge part of GH history. Friz fans are not willing to let that go anytime soon.

They are now on a quest to make sure that Roger Howarth stays put. They consider Franco and Elizabeth the best thing that has come along in quite a while. If Roger does not re-sign a new contract, that means the dissolution of Friz altogether. Many fans have expressed their feelings on the possibility of Liz having to move on from her current man.

There have been several fans that have stated that the coupling of Franco and Elizabeth is the reason that they have come back to General Hospital. They are pleading with ABC’s Nathan Varni, and GH executive producer Frank Valentini to not let Roger Howarth go. Will their pleas fall on deaf ears?

Another attempt to make sure that Roger stays on General Hospital is a petition that was started today by a fan. There are currently over 300 signatures so far and it will certainly be growing as time goes on.

If Roger Howarth’s contract does not go through, that would mean his whole redemption story may just be for nothing. The writers chose to make him face his dark past in order to make a future life with Elizabeth. He has also built a strong bond with Liz’s son, Jake. The current storyline involves getting to the bottom of Jake’s time on Cassadine Island with Helena, and Franco has helped in getting Jake to open up by drawing pictures.

The residents of Port Charles are starting to warm up to the guy. Even Jason Morgan has decided to let Franco spend time with his son, as he finally realized that the man he hates the most could be the one who helps Jake in the long run. In fact, it is rumored that the two men head to Cassadine Island to see what they can find out.

With all of this being said, there is a strong possibility that Roger will eventually be checking out of General Hospital if they can’t agree on the terms of the new contract. Rumor has it that the main snag is the taping schedule for Howarth, according to SheKnows Soaps. Hopefully, they will come up with a solution soon as fans know that he would most likely end up being snatched by another soap quickly.

In the meantime, Friz fans continue to post their #KeepRogerGH messages on social media. The messages explain why they love this actor so much, and why he needs to stick around. They are hoping to hear some news soon on whether he will be staying on General Hospital or will be saying farewell to Elizabeth forever.

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