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An Exclusive Look At ‘Yukon Men’ As New Challenges And Obstacles Face Tanana Residents

Tanana is a small town located deep in the remote interior of Alaska, and the residents work hard to make a living by fishing, hunting, trapping game, raising sled dogs, and logging. The Futon Critic shared that until recently, the only way to get there was by boat or plane, but that has changed. On this season of Yukon Men, the inhabitants of Tanana must find a way to contend with all the serious problems and concerns a new road brings to their village. Since construction finished, strangers are now flooding into the area around Tanana, and those who rely on the bounty of their ancestral lands are facing a harsh new reality on this season of Yukon Men.

Last fall on Yukon Men, the largest wildfire in the country came close to wiping the small community of Tanana off the map. After half a million acres of prized hunting and trapping land were incinerated, the hunters and trappers on Yukon Men must travel even further to find game to bring home to their families. Broadway World shared that as if this weren’t a big enough problem, the new road is providing trophy hunters easy access to the same sacred land and resources. Not only are strangers hunting there, but as winter approaches, they are invading highly valued trap lines. Yukon Men reveals that Tanana’s residents are finding their way of life in jeopardy from invaders who do not respect the land or the people who live there.

On this season of Yukon Men, there is also a lack of snow, which causes a whole new set of problems for those who trap for a living. Many of the families rely heavily on the income they garner from trapping, and the lack of snow only adds to the problem. On this season of Yukon Men, Charlie Wright has found discouraging signs everywhere that tells him other hunters and trappers are in the area. In an exclusive sneak-peek video of the new episode aptly titled “Boiling Point,” Charlie discovers that someone else has not only been around his trap lines, but have set their own traps as well.

“I don’t know what kind of person traps 50 feet away from me,” he remarks. “That’s just not the way to do it, so it just makes me think it has something to do with that new road over there and people coming in on it.”

Charlie knows that it must be newcomers to the area because the villagers know where everyone’s trap lines are and respect each others’ places where they trap and hunt. As he continues on down his line, Charlie comes across a campsite where someone had left behind their trash.

Clearly disappointed he says, “This is the result of that road, I know it is. People from Tanana wouldn’t do this.”

Trapping season has begun, but the lack of snowfall is preventing another Tanana resident, Stan Zuray, from using his dogs to run his trap line. When Charlie turns to him for help on this episode of Yukon Men, they devise a bold plan to defend Charlie’s lines, but it may be too little, too late. Stan is concerned about the road as well, having shared previously on Yukon Men that the reason he came to Tanana was because of the remote location, and he will undoubtedly run into similar problems on this season of Yukon Men.

Meanwhile, Courtney Agnes takes her daughter, Cuppie, out to the family trap line to pass along and teach her the native ways. When an unexpected problem leaves them stranded, Courtney begins to realize they will have to spend the night in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Fans of the show are well aware of how resourceful Courtney is, and know that her daughter is definitely in very capable hands.

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