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Tiffany Ava Mitchell: Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Called Assault Victim ‘F***ing Gypsy’ Before Attack

Tiffany Ava Mitchell: Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Called Assault Victim 'F***ing Gypsy' Before Attack

Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the woman who police say was punched in the face by Lindsay Lohan, reportedly sparked the melee by flirting with Lindsay’s love interest, drawing a racist slur from the actress.

Lohan was arrested after the early morning incident, which took place inside of a Manhattan nightclub. TMZ has reported that the fight was sparked when Lindsay’s love interst, Max from the boy band The Wanted, grew upset at how drunk Lohan was and started flirting with Tiffany Ava Mitchell instead.

Lohan had just come from the Justin Bieber concert, where The Wanted was the opening act. She had reportedly spent a few days scoping out Max, who was seen kissing other female fans in New York before the concert. Lohan tried to get backstage to see him, but was blocked and met up with him later at the club.

As the night went on and Lindsay grew more drunk, Max decided he would turn his attention elsewhere — to Tiffany Ava Mitchell.

It was there that things took a turn for the weird. Mitchell, a psychic who moved to New York from Palm Beach, Fla. where she owned Ava’s Psychic Visions, offered to give Lohan a free reading in the club’s VIP area. As The Huffington Post noted, Mitchell’s psychic premonitions kicked in when she saw Lohan at the club, but Lindsay turned her away and asked for space.

Tiffany Ava Mitchell alleges that Lohan then called her a “f—ing gypsy,” sending Mitchell’s friends into an angry frenzy. Tensions escalated and Lohan ended up punching the psychic in the face.

“We are not Gypsies. That has nothing to do with our religion … it was a racist comment,” Mitchell’s husband, Wayne Stevens, told TMZ. “Just because your career went down the drain and your new movie sucks, you can’t go around beating people up.”

As the fight started, Max reportedly moved clear of the entire mess and found a new woman who be brought home at the end of the night.

As Hollywood Life reported, Max made reference to the crazy night and the fight between Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Ava Mitchell, tweeting: “Eventful night!!!”

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19 Responses to “Tiffany Ava Mitchell: Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Called Assault Victim ‘F***ing Gypsy’ Before Attack”

  1. Frank Mcclary Jr

    yawn, the littlegirls, past history, yahoo, can the world move on to the next great crisis, for your reporters to ride to death and beyond.

  2. David Guhin

    So the psychic had no idea that offering to read Lindsay would lead to a punch in the face?
    Does not sound like she is very good at what she does.

  3. Brenda Trotter

    Lindsey needs to be an adult, get psychiatric help, stop injecting her lips with botox, put some clothes on, and find something she can do because she cannot act.

  4. Jami Morris

    Well they keep giving Lindsay a slap on the wrist at court.Let 1 of us on here do the stuff shes done.We would be slapped with the book hit with the book.Probably get 30 years.But ooh no not her she'll get probation and a 5 star rehab.

  5. Mia Suarez

    ok wait so Lindsay was sober enough to ask for the woman to leave her alone. then things escalated. why was Max flirting with a married woman? and the racist comment wasnt needed but Lindsay was drunk. I'm not trying to justify Lindsay's shit at all but she did tell the woman to leave her alone.

  6. Anonymous

    Psychic?, no she is an anonymous, publicity hungry want to be. She intentionally confronted Lindsay for attention, now suddenly she is in the news-anonymous no longer, now she has to maneuver as much publicity for herself as she can. Suddenly she is everywhere the paparrazzi happens to be staking out real celebrities, can you say photo op? When will the Gypsies 5 minutes be over?

  7. TanyaAnne Ohanian

    LMAO the only thing this psychic saw was opportunity. She had no business approaching anyone & forcing herself on them & acting like fking Gypsy was intended as a racist slur is ridiculous. I am not a Lohan fan, but if someone kept insisting I'm psychic & I have a message for you & I know you are a star with money let me get your money one way or the other, I would do more than punch her face. Learn some BOUNDARIES Tiffany! Pfft the public here in the USA doesn't understand BOUNDARIES, whether it be with stars or their teachers. Obviously Tiffany made it known she was a "psychic". Lohan should counter sue & say she was scared the woman & her psychic abilities would invade & attack her mind, so she defended herself & messed up the woman's "vibe".

  8. Luz Lambert

    Just because she is a celebrity, she won't spend maybe two days in jail. The court claims that the jails are overcrowded, this is ridiculous. Let her spend at least six months in jail, maybe she will learn her lesson. She needs to see a drug counselor and a psychiatrist and stay away from nightclubs, a bad environment for her!

  9. Carl Anthony Redis

    jails, rehabs and even death are awaiting lohan. she is a product of poor upbringing. stick around for the next exciting episode of world's biggest loser!

  10. Tracy Maybank

    So being called a Gypsy is a racial slur? Being a white person (As Iam) is diffiucult at times with everyone so damn thin skinned and ALWAYS looking for you to be a racist. I just don't give a damn anymore and if the gypsies don't like it F**K em.

  11. Ginny Huckaba

    Sounds just like the high school girls I used to deal with when I was a principal!

  12. Anonymous

    ms mitchell is a scam artist just like the rest of her kind.she is of romani/roma or better knowing as a gypsy.she wanted to give her a free reading so she can get some money out of her I should know I'm gypsy my self.she has no psychic powers they scare there victims into giving them some money saying stuff like your going to die if you don't give me money, you have a curse on you, blah blah blah bullcrap and so on.if I was lohan I would of have ms.mitchell arrested for trying to give her a reading. ny york law states psychic reading or fortrune telling is a misdemeanor.shes just a fake.

  13. Anonymous

    you know tracy its not what you say its how you say it.
    would you like someone to refer to you as a fuccin white person and then hit you in the face?
    or POS white trash or how about fuccin paleskin whitey ?

    aww poor you ! sorry to make your time difficult.your people have not gone thru half the crap my people have gone thru!
    there is a lot of stigma attached to the word "gypsy". i know, i am when you put the word "fucking" in front of it ,you are implying many things.too many to mention ATM.

    and oh by the way, the racist rules apply to every race ! not just white people!

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