Lorenzo with his wife posing.

‘Second Wives Club’ Scandal: Lorenzo Lamas Allegedly Hasn’t Seen His Wife In Months

Tonight is the start of a new show on E! called Second Wives Club. On this show, Lorenzo Lamas is seen with his wife, Shawna Craig. This isn’t Lorenzo’s first time on reality television. This show was filmed months ago, and according to Radar Online, things aren’t what they seem with Lorenzo and Shawna. It turns out that Lorenzo has allegedly been living apart from his wife and doesn’t have any plans to move back in with her. It doesn’t sound like this will be discussed at all on the show, and they will act like all is well.

This is actually Lorenzo Lamas’ fifth wife that he is starring on the show with, and she will talk about their love for each other. A source close to the couple is speaking out and says that Lorenzo moved across the country and isn’t living with his wife at all anymore. Things have allegedly really changed for them in the last few months. He actually moved across the country to fly helicopters and allegedly hasn’t seen her at all since then. The insider said that Shawna helped him move, but it was only to “keep up appearances.” It sounds like she just went back to living her life without him, and he is living his dream.

The source went on to say that Lorenzo Lamas is really happy with the way his life is now and doesn’t have any plans to move back to LA. It doesn’t look like she is moving to live with him either. So far, nobody has filed for divorce yet, but it wouldn’t be shocking at all if it happened soon. On a preview of Second Wives Club, she was seen explaining he does have some money problems.

“He’s an amazing father, but he has quite the history. He’s been married five times, including me. He’s got six kids he’s got to take care of and because of the divorces. He’s got financial problems.”

E! Online shared a bit about Shawn Craig and her relationship with Lorenzo Lamas. This is what they revealed about her.

“The fifth wife of Lorenzo Lamas, Shawna is a free spirit who has been in a six-year relationship with the Golden Globe-nominated actor with heartthrob status. Despite some challenging circumstances, including Shawna being the stepmother to Lorenzo’s six children and even being a surrogate for one of his daughters, the couple’s love endures. After spending her 20s helping to take care of Lorenzo and raising his children, Shawna is ready to step into the spotlight and devote herself to her modeling and acting career.”

If you remember, Lorenzo’s daughter Shayne Lamas had trouble when she had a miscarriage with her first son. She decided it wasn’t going to be best to try and get pregnant once again. Us Magazine shared that her stepmother, Shawna Craig, was going to be her surrogate to help her to have a child of her own. She originally kept who her surrogate was going to be a secret, but then later decided to reveal the news. Shayne was actually on The Bachelor before finding love with someone else. At the time, Shayne spoke out about her stepmother and how close they were to each other.

“Shawna’s not just my stepmother. She’s like a soul sister. She’s an angel that blessed my whole family, including my father.”

Are you shocked to hear that Lorenzo Lamas and his wife, Shawna Craig, aren’t living together anymore? Do you think that they will address this on the show at all? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of Second Wives Club when they air on Thursday nights on E!.

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