‘One Piece’ Chapter 856 Manga Spoilers – Sanji’s Confession And Luffy’s Action

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 864: Luffy’s Chaos And Capone’s Actions Add To Confusion At Sanji-Pudding Wedding

Chapter 864 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece was a week late reportedly due to the Golden Week Holiday. Hence One Piece mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, released it earlier this week. Although delayed, the explosive action in the current chapter of the series makes it totally worth the wait.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 864 spoilers/recap ahead]

Chapter 863 of manga One Piece was packed with several interesting revelations that will surely reshape the series, and may even dictate the length of the currently running Big Mom arc. In the previous chapter, Big Mom learned about the assassination attempt that was carefully plotted against her by Capone. On the other hand, her plan to kill the entire Vinsmoke clan is all but ruined thanks largely to Lady Pudding’s change of heart. Since the 35th daughter of Charlotte Linlin failed to pull the trigger on Sanji Vinsmoke, it is likely she won’t kill him.

The current chapter of manga One Piece opens with Big Mom exploding with rage. Although Mother Caramel’s photo is lying smashed besides her, the Yonko doesn’t go into painful convulsions. Surprisingly, the vandal who smashed the sole vulnerability of Big Mom is seen calmly standing besides his criminal act. Instead of shrieking in pain, Big Mom appears angry at her inability to suck out any lifespan of Jinbei, who announced his intentions of defecting to Luffy’s Straw Hats pirates.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the character who broke Mother Caramle’s photo, is none other than Brook. The skeletal member of the Straw Hats gang calmly proceeds to peel off the crude Luffy mask, revealing his true self. Humorously, due to lack of a face, Big Mom’s ministers step back in fear thinking that he is a ghost. However, every Straw Hats member applauds Brook’s bravery. Realizing it is Brook, Big Mom wonders how he managed to survive. In the earlier chapters, Jinbei had managed to swap Brook with a decoy, leaving Big Mom to assume her toy had died.

Shockingly, even after realizing that Mother Caramel’s photo has been smashed, Big Mom doesn’t go into painful convulsions as was claimed by Fire Tank Captain, Capone ‘Gang’ Bege. The Yonko is merely shocked about the revelation of a very closely guarded secret. Standing quietly in a corner, Capone is counting the seconds, hoping the Yonko will go into a fit soon.

Watching all the commotion, Judge Vinsmoke is surprised at the efforts the Straw Hats gang is taking to save Sanji. It is apparent that he is still not aware of the plan to kill his entire family. Big Mom’s ministers, on the other hand, are acutely aware of the situation that’s rapidly slipping away from their hands. They are aware of Charlotte Linlin’s legendary wrath when things don’t according to her plan. Meanwhile, the Yonko is equally upset about the the destruction of the massive wedding cake and Mother Caramel’s photo.

Expecting a full blown riot, the ministers rush to apprehend or kill the Straw Hats Pirates, but with Jinbei on his side, Luffy isn’t overly concerned. Suddenly, Lady Pudding fires a single bullet towards Sanji. However, the latter deftly dodges the same. Based on Pudding’s expressions and words, it becomes clear she is trying to awaken her inner devil and remind herself that she has to kill Sanji.

Interestingly, despite being fired upon, Sanji still attempts to reason with Pudding and even saves her from a deadly strike from Daifuku. Carlotte Daifuku is the third son of the Charlotte family and possesses the power of a magical lamp that can spew out a genie. With his powerful strike, Daifuku admonishes Pudding for her failure to pull the trigger at the right time. He orders her to step down and claims that he will complete the mission.

While Sanji is clearly hung up on Pudding, the latter’s resolve is rapidly crumbling. Before Pudding can gather her wits, Daifuku strikes again, sending Sanji flying across the hall. It is apparent that the third son of the Charlotte clan is quite powerful, and Sanji may not be able to stand his ground.

The scene abruptly shifts to Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. Caesar Clown, who insists on being called Gastino, is seen hurtling at great speed with Brulee on his back. Given his hatred towards Brulee and the urgency with which Caesar emerges from the Mirror World, it is clear that he is still a participant in Capone’s assassination plot. It is not clear where the duo is headed. Hence, it is possible that Caesar might attempt to steal back his heart.

With all the commotion created by the Straw Hats gang, Capone is forced to tackle Luffy and pin him to the ground. As expected, Luffy is surprised and angry at Capone’s actions, but the latter explains that as security chief, he cannot stand idle. At the other end of the venue, which has now turned into a battlefield, Jinbei and Pedro are trying to fight off as many ministers as they can. Right when Pedro has the upper hand, he feels a searing heat cruising through his sword and is forced to let it fall. The intense heat is caused by Charlotte Oven, the fourth son of the Charlotte family. Evidently, he can generate heat within objects.

After forcing Pedro to give up his sword, Charlotte Oven scoffs at him, and wonders why would the latter return to the place where he lost a significant portion of life. While Luffy and Sanji are preoccupied, Carrot, Chopper, and Nami are still hiding in the collapsed wedding cake. Suddenly, Brook’s head goes flying off his body. It is not clear who attempts to kill him. Fortunately, being a skeleton, Brook continues conversing as if nothing adverse has happened. Even amidst multiple threats, Luffy manages to laugh hysterically at Brook’s head calmly talking while lying on the floor.

Given the chaos, all of the parties realize neither of their plans are moving ahead as they should. However, the Vinsmoke clan is suddenly surrounded by Big Mom’s ministers. Even though specially designed percussion revolvers are aimed directly at their heads, the Vinsmoke brothers, Ichji, Yonji, and Niji, manage to crack jokes, while their father watches in horror. The sole daughter of the Vinsmoke clan, Reiju, reminds her father that his boys aren’t feeling anything because they were stripped off of all emotions in the experiments the Judge performed on them.

It is obvious that the chaos created by the Straw Hats Pirates, the ruined wedding cake, and the complete destruction of Mother Caramel’s photo, has had a deep and disturbing impact on Big Mom. With the Yonko unable to move, the ministers start taking decisions arbitrarily. Amidst the pandemonium, Capone suggests that Big Mom should be once again be reminded about the destruction of Mother Caramel’s photo.

Capone hopes that showing the broken photo could draw out intense pain. As expected, Luffy is quick to rise to the occasion. The Fire Tank Pirate captain asks Pedro and Jinbei to cover Luffy. Interestingly, he also instructs all members of the “allied forces” to wear “Invisible Sinfonia.” As revealed in earlier chapters, the Sinfonia is a special type of earplugs designed to protect the wearer from Big Mom’s screams.

Strangely, Commander Dogtooth, who can see into the future, instructs Capone to shoot Luffy. However, Capone flatly refuses, knowing well that amidst the chaos, the future is a very fluid and volatile concept.

There is no clear indication about Big Mom weakening. Moreover, the allied forces are surrounded by Big Mom’s ministers. How can Capone be so calm? Does he have a plan to walk away from the carnage that’s about to occur? Chapter 865 of manga One Piece is expected to be released without a break. Hopefully, mangaka Oda reveals answers to these questions in the upcoming chapter.

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