Greg Rikaart leaving Y&R

‘The Young And The Restless’ Shocker: Greg Rikaart Leaving ‘Y&R’ – Contract Not Renewed!

The Young and The Restless spoilers offer a major shocker – Greg Rikaart is leaving the role of Kevin Fisher after fourteen years in the role.

Y&R decided not to renew Greg Rikaart’s contract! This is big news and also explains why Y&R showrunners altered the DNA test results to suddenly make Bella Mitchell (Cali May Kinder) Kevin’s daughter. It seems that The Young and The Restless is giving Kevin a happy ending with Bella now that he can’t have one with Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson), or can he?

How Will Kevin Leave Genoa City? Is Chloe Involved?

The news broke in an exclusive from TVLine who was first to offer this The Young and The Restless spoiler that Greg Rikaart has decided to leave the show. This is a big twist considering the recent shakeups with Chloe, Kevin and Bella. Y&R fans just saw Chloe with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) as he paid her off to stay far away from Genoa City so she didn’t drag him down with her.

It’s possible that The Young and The Restless might have Chloe and Kevin skipping off into the sunset together with Bella to be a family far, far away. Even though Kevin is sickened that Chloe killed Adam Newman (Justin Hartley), if Chloe crooked her little finger, Kevin would go running to be with her, especially now that he knows he’s her baby daddy. Will Chloe play into his exit?

Greg Rikaart’s History on The Young and The Restless

Kevin Fisher came to Genoa City back in 2003, but he wasn’t the nice guy we know now. Kevin was a bad guy internet stalker that was intended to be on the CBS soap for just a short run. But The Young and The Restless fans fell for the felonious Fisher and a few months’ role turned into fourteen years of stellar acting. It’s no wonder that Kevin was so rotten to start with – look at his brother.

Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) was also a bad dude at first, raping Christine, spending time in jail, then coming back to Genoa City for revenge. The Young and The Restless did well making Michael and Kevin brothers with similarly devious pasts, so we have to wonder how Kevin’s exit will affect Michael, Lauren Fenmore (Tracy E Bregman) and many others.

Kevin Will Not Be Killed Off

Along with the The Young and The Restless spoilers announcement that Kevin is leaving is a rumor that the character will not be killed off so the door is open for a possible return later. This will be heartbreaking since Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman) just got the good news that she’s a grandma again and Kevin’s exit also means Bella’s exit which is sure to break some hearts.

Lauren and Michael love having them underfoot and Kevin has lots of ties to cut in Genoa City. Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) will be crushed by the news that her best pal is leaving but she’s got Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) shoulder to cry on when she hears the rough news. This will also be a blow to the Genoa City Police Department that rely on Kevin’s savvy hacker skills to solve crimes.

Kevin’s Exit For May Sweeps?

Since news just leaked of this The Young and The Restless spoilers shocker, it seems likely that his exit will be soon, perhaps as a culmination of May sweeps. Chloe is on the run with a pile of Victor’s dirty money in her hand, so she could call Kevin up and ask him to run off with her. It seems likely Chloe doesn’t know yet he’s her baby daddy and that revelation could trigger his exit.

More to come on this breaking news but for now what is known is that Greg Rikaart did not resign, the show did not renew his contract according to The Young and The Restless spoilers.

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