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McDonald’s Customer Finds Nose Ring In Breakfast Burrito

Atlanta, GA — It was far from a “happy” meal when a woman found a nose ring buried in her four-year-old daughter’s breakfast burrito.

The incident occurred at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville. The family went there for breakfast because of some coupons.

Frances Rosario told CBS Atlanta that she noticed “a piece of jewelry sticking out” of her preschooler’s burrito:

“That piece of jewelry appeared to be someone’s now missing nose ring which was just a few bites away from consumption by Rosario’s daughter, Nevaeh.”

When she complained, the store shrugged it off–reportedly saying that “it happens,” and refused to give her the phone number of the chain’s district manager. She also contacted McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Illinois, but apparently was unable to get a response.

CBS also got the runaround from McDonald’s suits:

“On Wednesday, CBS Atlanta News tried multiple times to contact management at McDonald’s for comment, but the calls were not returned.”

According to London’s Daily Mail, McDonald’s employees are permitted to wear only “minimal jewelry” pursuant to company guidelines:

“Visible body piercing must be removed with the exception of one small earring in each ear and a small stud nose piecing.

“Large loop earrings or gauges can be dangerous and are not allowed. All jewelry must be in good taste and professional. The manager may request removal of jewelry they feel looks unprofessional.”

Watch a report on the McDonald’s nose ring incident from CBS:

Does a story like this make you think twice about eating at McDonald’s?

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