PARTY photo booth dolls

3D Photo Booth Turns People Into Dolls

A Japanese “creative lab” called PARTY is showcasing a 3D printer photo booth which turns people into dolls. The mini-me making lab is currently located only in Tokyo and New York City. The booth which is infused with some incredible technology is part of an exhibit called OMOTEe 3D SHASHIN KAN, according to First To Know.

The 3D photo booth that turns people into dolls event has generated so much excitement that it is nearly sold-out already. The cost of attending the exhibit of the doll-making techno toy is reportedly between $260 and $500 per person.

Those who do not feel the cost of admission is too steep get to have their photos turned into doll-like figurines. The 10 to 20 cm dolls are not ready on the spot like images slipped through a slot on an old-fashioned photo booth. Event participants will have to wait about a month to see their likeness portrayed on a doll figurine, The Bubble reports.

The company website had this to say about the new technology:

“At PARTY, we focus on both Human Insights and Technical Insights, in order to inject new stories crafted by new technologies into product, service, space, and various other entertainments.”

The photo booths which turn images into dolls are considered the epitome of cool by some, but downright creepy by others. The purpose of the “it looks just like me” dolls is unclear. Purchasers apparently just enjoy displaying them on their mantle instead of typical photos in a frame. They doll figurines could be a fun accessory to any little girl’s dollhouse, but the expense of creating a family of dolls could be cost prohibitive for many families.