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Man Wins Lawsuit Against Wife For Birthing ‘Ugly’ Baby

A Chinese man sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly baby and won. The six-figure lawsuit once again proves that truth can be stranger than fiction. Jian Feng, and allegedly physically attractive man from northern China, divorced his wife on the grounds of false pretenses, according to the First To Know website.

After his baby girl was born, Feng reportedly demanded a DNA test because he believed his wife must have cheated with him on another man to conceive such an “ugly” infant. When the test results did indeed prove that the baby was his, Feng reportedly turned his angst in another direction. He opted to initiate the “ugly wife lawsuit,” citing the faulty genetics which led to the physical appearance of his child.

Common sense would lead a reasonable person to believe that a judge would toss such a ridiculous sounding lawsuit off the docket, but that’s not what happened. Jian Feng’s unnamed wife ultimately admitted that she had undergone approximately $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in South Korea.

The now ex-wife’s admission apparently proved to the judge that Feng’s claim of entering into the marriage under false pretenses was valid. Since the young woman did not disclose that the face her suitor admired was not the one she was born with, the Chinese judge ruled in Feng’s favor.

The court ordered the woman to pay her former husband $120,000 and compensation for marrying her without knowing what she had looked like before going under the knife, according to ABC News. Sadly for the baby girl, she will probably not ever have a loving relationship with her father. It is unknown if Feng will be required to pay child support for the daughter that the judge determined was the result of a union that was built upon false pretenses.