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Obama’s Jan. 21 Inauguration Date Unique In History

Obama inauguration to be held on January 21

President Barack Obama’s inauguration as president for a second time will take place in less than two months, and, when he does, he will make history again.

Since the 20th amendment in 1933, the US Constitution mandates that a president is sworn in at “noon on the 20th day of January” following a presidential election, but when that day falls on a Sunday, the rule is pretty much ignored and the inauguration is moved to the following Monday. This January 20 is a Sunday, making just the third time in history that a presidential inauguration has had to be moved to January 21, according to the Library of Congress. The second Obama inauguration marks the seventh time one was pushed back a day because the Constitutionally-mandated date fell on a Sunday.

The Associated Press reports that James Monroe was the first president to move his inauguration date for this reason. When he was re-elected, his second term inauguration date of March 4, the date of inaugurations prior to the 20th amendment, fell on a Sunday. He moved it to March 5, starting a tradition.

After Monroe, Zachary Taylor followed suit when he was elected in 1849. Rutherford B. Hayes did the same in 1877, as did Woodrow Wilson during his second inauguration in 1917.

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s second inauguration was the first to be held on January 21 in 1957, and Ronald Regan’s second inauguration in 1985 was done on the same date. ABC OTUS reports that Eisenhower and Reagan held private swearing-in ceremonies on Sundays that fell on January 20 but then held public events the next day.

With Obama’s inauguration, the third to be held on January 21, the president makes history for a second time. Obama’s first inauguration made him the first black president in US history, and his second adds him to the unique list of president’s not inaugurated on the Constitutionally-mandated day.

Obama will also be the first president ever inaugurated on Martin Luther King Day, which in 2013 falls on January 21.

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27 Responses to “Obama’s Jan. 21 Inauguration Date Unique In History”

  1. Anonymous

    That date should be Obamas impeachment date before he has a chance to completely destroy America.

  2. Anonymous

    awww but it's not so just go somewhere & sit in your anger for 4 MORE years. You bitter republicans are PURE comedy! Cheap entertainment at its best!

  3. Tom Cotter Sr

    grandladyglamorous Odumbo gets ready for a 17 day vacation to Kawaii!

  4. Georganne Sorenson

    Let's do away with the fun and games; swear him in and put all that money towards the debt; won't make a big dent in the debt but could show a big effort towards cutting costs for the country.

  5. Delores Smith

    if you don't like it move on get a life or maybe move 2 a country where you will be kill or get kill god has a reason 4 this we the people are tried of being push around by the republican party I don't want 2 go back 2 the past if it wasn't 4 mr. bush we wouldn't be in this damn mass any way if any thing go down bad it will be on the republican congress because they don't want 2 pass bills that will the rich people tell me are you rich do have money 2 burn or just sit on during knowing with it lit'em pay a little tax on their money don't ask me anything because I'm retired from working I'm just getting by on what I get every month @ that is not every much.

  6. Lee Alan Bartholomew

    figures. first comment is from someone detached from reality. But back to reality. It's fitting MLK day falls on the 21st. and much to the Republicans chagrin. More and more parallels to Reagan appear every time.

  7. Lee Alan Bartholomew

    Kristine Ilochi kinda fastinating though. Bush Jr did way more impeachable offenses than anyone and he wasn't impeached so The bar's been set and Obama isn't even Nixon close..

  8. Joan Freda

    How can we be sure it is the Bible he is swearing on and not the koran(sp?) I believe last time he may have used the Bible, but, in privacy, because it was reported a mistake had been made, he was sworn in again, and this time I believe it was the koran. And when he swears to uphold the Constitution, be sure he doesn't have his fingers crossed!

  9. Anonymous

    French_Judith maybe u should go to your President Swearing in France? Linda Belvail OBAMA inaugeration Will Be Joyous. Hell u celebrated the Bushes (glad we out of that). Joann Freda he will be getiing Sworn in on whatever book Congress gives him (the Bible, Koran, Tanakh) or whatever he will be Sworn In Religious fanatic crazy bim..

  10. Kristine Blake

    and I am thrilled we have him, instead of the exclusive GOP, who have alienated only everyone~

  11. Kristine Blake

    THANK YOU DELORES. These are the sore losers that have no idea what good is going to come their way because of OBAMA. If Mittens had been voted in, and he clearly got his butt kicked, 98% of people in this country's lives would be turned upside down. I am ELATED we have Barack, so did Colin Powell and many republicans that voted for him, but told everyone that they voted Romney.

  12. Daniel Johnson

    I don't hate him cause hes black. I hate the SOB because hes a politician………………………

  13. Stephanie Billings

    When people will finally get it through their thick skulls it's not because he's black that I don't want him for CNC, it's because he just doesn't know what the hell he's doing. He's a hasbeen party planner and unless you need someone to plan a birthday party for your kid what good is he? Did hear some good news yesterday that Allen West is considering running for president. Finally someone who will care about the American people and the Constitution.

  14. Denise Quiros Nobs

    I will be at st. marks chapel@ ground zero where our first prez was inaugurated begging God for mercy to hold back judgment from our nation. read the Harbinger. don't hate Obama. he's there because God ordained it. Hate the corporate sin that caused us to reach the point of a ruler who mocks God

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