Chocolate Baby Heads

White Chocolate Baby Heads Are Deliciously Horrifying [Photos]

If you’ve ever wanted to feel extremely guilty about eating sweets, then you may want to figure out how to get your hands on some realistic white chocolate baby heads.

As you can see from the images included in this article, the horrifying edible craniums look so much like the real deal that you may find yourself gagging long before the child’s candy face ever finds its way into your gaping maw. Even those who thrive on freaky treats may be squeamish to consume this particular offering.

According to Gizmodo, the white chocolate baby heads were created by Conjurer’s Kitchen as a private commission. The individual who ordered up these strange desserts either has an incredibly sick sense of humor or more than a few loose screws.

The Huffington Post recently got in touch with Annabel De Vetten, the woman responsible for crafting these unnerving treats. Although creating something this creepy may seem like hard work, De Vetten makes it seem like just another day in the kitchen.

“I just pictured ‘dead, milky eyes and skin’ and hit the nail on the so to speak,” she explained. “And creased the mold while it was setting to get a soft, ‘damaged’ effect. So, strangely enough, no challenge! I was a little worried some might think this is going a bit too far. But it’s only chocolate and if someone doesn’t like the shape it’s in, they can just go buy a Mars bar.”

The Conjurer’s Kitchen is responsible for crafting a number of peculiar desserts. One of their edible nightmares is made to look like half of a human head that’s had its skin removed. While it may turn your stomach from a visual standpoint, I’m sure their desserts are beyond delicious.

Images of the white chocolate baby heads are included below. Do you think this particular dessert is going too far?

Chocolate Baby Heads

Chocolate Baby Heads