Bread That Lasts For 2 Months

Bread That Lasts For 60 Days Developed By American Company

An American company has developed a technique that allows bread to last for 60 days, according to the Daily Mail.

The good folks at Microzap claim to have developed a system which prevents mold from growing on bread for around two months. The technique reportedly uses a microwave-like device which effectively zaps away mold spores.

“We treated a slice of bread in the device, we then checked the mould that was in that bread over time against a control. And at 60 days it had the same mould content as it had when it came out of the oven,” Microzap CEO Don Stull explained to BBC News.

If scientists can develop bread that lasts for 60 days, then experts believe the technique could help cut down on the amount of food people waste on a regular basis. The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs in the UK says that 32 percent of bread loaves are thrown away due to mold.

Although the idea of this magical bread may sound appealing to scientists, Stull said convincing folks to purchase the product may be a little difficult.

“We’ll have to get some consumer acceptance of that. Most people do it by feel and if you still have that quality feel they probably will accept it.”

The Microzap CEO also believes the process developed by his company is a healthy alternative to most supermarket brands since it doesn’t require preservatives or chemicals to stay fresh.

In the United States, food waste is a huge issue. According to The Huffington Post, a recent study revealed that Americans throw away nearly $165 billion worth of food each year. Natural Resources Defense Council’s Dana Gunders said people are essentially throwing away every other piece of food they encounter.

Would you be willing to try a bread that has been treated to last for 60 days?