Lindsay Lohan Drinking All Day Every Day

Lindsay Lohan Is Drinking Two Liters Of Vodka Every Single Day

Bottoms up! Actress Lindsay Lohan is believed to be drinking two liters of vodka every single day. Sources close to the actress claim she has been on a drinking binge for the last two months.

According to TMZ, the drinking problems have been compounded because of Lohan’s upcoming probation violation hearing and her PCH crash earlier this summer.

The drinking problem has become so bad that Lohan often cracks open the vodka bottle in the early morning hours and then continues to drink all day long.

Lohan is no stranger to the bottle having been convicted on a DUI charge.

Sources also claim that Lohan was drinking all day long before she got into a NYC nightclub brawl last Thursday. The former A-list actress even showed up at the Justin Bieber concert drunk and continued to drink all night long until she could barely stand up.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly become extremely violent when she’s drunk, which has led to her friends attempting to protect her after days and nights of heavy drinking.

Dina and Michael Lohan have both recently opened up about Lindsay’s struggles, and even Charlie Sheen jumped in to pay her $100,000 in owed taxes.

With more court dates ahead of her, we probably haven’t seen the last of Lindsay Lohan’s drinking problems.

Are you surprised by the amount of vodka Lindsay Lohan is consuming on a daily basis, or do her actions speak loudly enough to showcase her massive drinking problem?