Dallas Wiens - Face Transplant Getting Married To Another Burn Victim

First North American Face-Transplant Recipient To Wed Fellow Burn Victim

Dallas Wiens, the first man in North America to receive a full face transplant, is getting married to another burn victim with a harrowing story of her own.

Wiens met his fiance, Jamie Nash, in a support group for burn victims. Wiens was the victim of a car fire that burned her hands, back, and legs.

Dallas and Jamie met while attending support group meetings for burn victims at Parkland Hospital.

According to Nash:

“I was drawn to him. I just had to meet him. I just looked at him from across the room, and there was something about him.”

Wiens tells Today that he saw things differently:

“I had sworn off love and relationships. I had no desire to be in one whatsoever.”

It wasn’t until Christmas Eve two months later that Wiens finally gave into Nash’s advances and agreed to a date.

Nash said she pursued him for two months. Then, on Christmas Eve, they talked all night and set up a date. After dinner and a movie, Wiens knew Nash was the girl for him.

Despite their injuries, the two have learned to live their lives to the fullest. Nash even said she joked to Wiens:

“I told him it’s got to be love, because I’m not sick of you. I know I’ve never felt more real than this.”

The couple say they compliment each other; for example, Wiens can’t see, having lost his eyesight in the accident, while Nash has great vision. And while Nash’s hands are burned from her accident, Weins’ are fine.

In suffering, the couple have found happiness, and that might be an even more miraculous story than Dallas Wiens and his successful face-transplant.