With Ryan Seacrest as the new co-host of Live, what will happen to his show?

Ryan Seacrest: What Will Happen To ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’ Now That He’s Moving To ‘Live’ And New York?

Now that it’s been all but officially announced that Ryan Seacrest is the new co-host of Live with Kelly, the question remains, what will become of all his other projects — especially his syndicated radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The show, which is a top rated show for iHeartMedia, is based in Los Angeles and syndicated throughout the country.

However, since he will be starring with Kelly at the 9:00 a.m. EST hour, what will become of the show and all his fans? Will he give up his job to pursue this new venture?

According to CNN, fans of Ryan Seacrest don’t have to worry about what will happen to his beloved radio show, because iHeartMedia is building Seacrest a special studio in the ABC studio that will allow Seacrest to continue working on the show. And while he will be three hours ahead of the rest of the crew, he’ll still be able to deliver all that we know and love about him as a host.

What’s more, thanks to his new Live gig, he’ll probably be able to have some amazing celebrity talent on his show, going forward!

And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Seacrest will also be moving to New York to take the Live gig full-time. It isn’t clear, yet, whether he’ll maintain his Los Angeles home in addition to his New York home, or whether he’ll sell everything in Los Angeles to make a new life in New York.

Either way, this also means that Seacrest’s annual gig serving as the host of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve will be much easier to maintain, as well.

“Seacrest made his debut early into Monday’s show, walking out hand-in-hand with Ripa in front of the new Live With Kelly & Ryan marquee. “Kelly and I have known each other for a long time and when this happened we were told to keep it a secret and we’re not great at that,” Seacrest explained before airing video of his clandestine ride to set that morning. Ripa added, “We don’t call it a secret anymore in my house, we call it a Seacrest.”

So how did it come down to Ryan Seacrest, out of all of the rotating Live hosts?

According to Vanity Fair, it all comes down to the chemistry. The two first met back in 2005, when they co-hosted the Disney parade together (a position they would hold for five years). And, apparently, they maintained their personal and professional relationship over the years, which explained why they had such amazing chemistry during the five times that Ryan guest-co-hosted Live.

Ryan will replace Michael Strahan, the former football star who co-hosted the show with Kelly Ripa for more than four years before leaving for Good Morning America. Before hiring Ryan, Kelly was without a co-host for more than a year.

Josh Groban, Jerry O’Connell, and Anderson Cooper were just a few of the many rotating co-hosts that sat next to Kelly before Ryan Seacrest was announced as the official replacement.

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