Alicia Keys has revealed that she is departing from "The Voice."

Alicia Keys Quits ‘The Voice’ After Blake Shelton ‘Rigged’ Votes Claims And Alleged Gwen Stefani ‘Brawl’

Alicia Keys has succeeded in impressing fans of The Voice, turning around in her over-sized red coach chair to score talented singers and even daring to steal competitors from the other coaches. However, while Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Adam Levine haven’t yet revealed whether they will exit or stay on The Voice, Keys just announced that she’s leaving the singing competition. Could her alleged “backstage brawl” with Gwen or allegations that Blake “rigged” the votes be the reason for Alicia’s departure?

In revealing that she is leaving The Voice, Keys emphasized that the current season will be her last season on the singing competition, reported ET.

“Who knows what the future holds, but I know this one is my final season.”

One of her fellow coaches, Adam Levine, was particularly upset, even trying to predict a future for Alicia that includes The Voice.

Alicia Keys shocked fans by announcing her departure from "The Voice."
Alicia Keys shocked fans by announcing her departure from “The Voice.” [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for iHeartRadio]

“I’ll tell you what the future holds: you being on the f**k[ing] show!” insisted Levine.

However, Keys emphasized that she remains enthusiastic about the current season of The Voice, explaining that her plans to depart the popular reality competition make her even more eager to help her team.

“I am excited for this; it’s like a finale for me. That’s why I’m so passionate about my team.”

Alicia, 36, began her tenure on The Voice last spring, joining Miley Cyrus as a first-time coach that season. Keys also served as a mentor in 2014. She admitted that the elimination rounds are the most difficult.

“Every Tuesday [elimination], I want to quit,” confessed Alicia. “I’m distraught. Until the moment comes and either me or Gwen win… then it’s going to feel really good.”

Alicia Keys claimed that Blake Shelton "rigged" the votes on "The Voice."
Alicia Keys claimed that Blake Shelton “rigged” the votes on “The Voice.” [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Bacardi]

Although Keys is staying positive about her hope that her final season coaching on The Voice could result in a win for herself or Stefani, thus far neither woman has won, pointed out Metro.

In contrast, Blake Shelton’s team earned five trophies, and Adam Levine’s team has scored three wins. Now, with just weeks left before the Season 12 finale of The Voice, NBC’s show continues to rank at the top of its time slot. Gwen is enthusiastic about the talent level.

“There’s a couple of people that are on our teams that are just crazy good,” gushed Stefani. “Overall, the talent is really, really good. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The winner of The Voice will be announced during the Season 12 finale on May 23, which will also mark Alicia’s last time as a coach on the show. What led her to depart?

Keys has claimed that Blake “rigged” the votes on The Voice, reported PopCrush. Pointing out that Shelton somehow succeeded in mentoring almost half of the show’s winning singers, Alicia said that she is “a little pissed off at Blake.”

Admitting that she feels “just sick of Blake,” Keys revealed that she told Shelton that she thinks The Voice has been “rigged” because of the results.

“Apparently [Blake Shelton] just thinks he’s like Mister I win-all-of-them and all this. I told him this game must be rigged.”

Keys contended that another coach needed to enjoy a winning streak or viewers would suspect that “Blake is over there paying somebody.” As for Adam Levine’s chances of winning, Alicia isn’t concerned.

“He was extremely confident, Adam,” admitted Keys. “I was like ‘I don’t care.’ I was like, ‘Nobody’s scared of you.'”

As for whether Shelton might be the reason for Alicia’s departure, rumors of a “backstage brawl” between Keys and Stefani soared even before Season 12 of The Voice began.

Radar Online reported on the “backstage brawl” that allegedly involved Gwen and Alicia, quoting an insider’s allegations that Stefani and Keys “have never really liked each other,” despite her statement that she’s hoping either she or Gwen will win this season.

The source claimed that the two women “have been in competition for most of their lives,” and that working together now on The Voice has resulted in problems. Because Alicia and Miley Cyrus reportedly became “super close last season, ” Keys allegedly “is desperately trying to give Gwen a hard time so she does not return next season.”

The insider also alleged that Stefani had complained to executives on The Voice about Alicia.

“Gwen knows that she has more pull that Alicia does, because she has a super solid relationship with all of the executives on the show.”

And Stefani’s alleged Voice battle with Keys reportedly has even involved Blake, according to the source.

“Blake and Alicia have already had words about this,” added the insider.

[Featured Image by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Alicia Keys]