'13 Reasons Why' Ending Detail Proves Alex Tried To Commit Suicide

This ’13 Reasons Why’ Ending Detail Will End A Debate About The Netflix Series-Turned-Cultural Phenomenon

The 13 Reasons Why ending sparked a couple of debates after Season 1’s final episode tried to off one major character in the most unexpected way possible.

Now, an article from Buzz Feed aims to end one particular debate about it once and for all by highlighting a couple of details that may have slipped some people’s attention.

For those who have yet to watch the viral Netflix series, this is the time to look away: Spoilers ahead.

13 Reasons Why, a show based on Jay Asher’s novel with the same title, has proven to be quite a controversial series from Netflix as it tackles all the most relevant yet sensitive matters that may affect every teenager’s life.

The 13 Reasons Why ending even proved to be even more controversial as debates began about this particular episode where a certain 17-year-old was found with a gunshot wound to the head. According to Buzz Feed, this particular character stands out as another suicidal person in the show aside from already-dead Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford.

One of the 13 Reasons Why characters was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital for a gunshot wound to the head as shown in Episode 12. However, it wasn’t until the last couple of minutes of Episode 13 that the victim was, in fact, Alex Standall (Miles Heizer).

In the episode, we see Principal Gary Bolan (Steven Weber) enter Mr. Kevin Porter’s (Derek Luke) office to reveal that “Alex Standall shot himself in the head last night.” While it has already been mentioned that Alex hurt himself, it appears as though a fan theorizes that he was actually shot by someone else.

According to 13 Reasons Why ending theories, Liberty High’s resident photographer and resident stalker Tyler Down (Devin Druid) was the one who shot him.

“I feel like a f**king idiot because someone just explained to me that Alex doesn’t shoot himself, Tyler shoots him!” Tumblr user wellflower posted.

The 13 Reasons Why fan continues to explain what sparked that particular theory and highlights details about the show’s ending that are actually clues to this specific matter.

“That’s why Tyler had a gun and that’s why he takes Alex’s picture down from the series of pictures he had hung up.”

The theorist went on to note that Alex will not be Tyler’s last victim, saying, “He’s killing them in order.”

But while this 13 Reasons Why ending theory may be plausible and is very much a colorful way of extending the franchise into a Season 2, Buzz Feed noticed one particular detail that may prove that Alex attempted to commit suicide and was not shot by Tyler.

For those who were able to watch the entirety of the show, it had become obvious that Alex was one of the 13 who felt most guilty about Hannah’s suicide. In one scene, he even mirrored her death by throwing himself in the pool.

Alex Standall In The Pool
[Image by Netflix]

On top of that, he seemed to be the most troubled about Hannah’s death even though he stays in the company of those who want to keep the tapes, and what they did to make her want to kill herself from being publicized.

According to Buzz Feed, the 13 Reasons Why ending, all these other facts, and one detail made it clear that Alex did try to commit suicide.

“Do you remember what Alex before he was rushed to the hospital? He CLEANED HIS ROOM.”

Alex Standall Played by Miles Heizer
[Image by Netflix]

The outlet went on to explain what that meant, clinically speaking. Citing WebMD, the website explained that cleaning one’s room is a way of putting one’s personal businesses in order—a clear warning sign that the person is about to commit suicide.

Since it debuted on the streaming site on March 31, 2017, the show garnered a wide array of comments. In fact, its storyline was deemed “not helpful” in decreasing the suicide rate around the world, according to Lifeline Australia Chief Executive Pete Shmigel, per a report from The Guardian.

Do you believe Alex Standall tried to kill himself at the 13 Reasons Why ending? Share with us your comments below.

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