Marijuana Legalization supported by Americans

Marijuana Legalization: Half Of Americans Want To Allow Pot

Marijuana legalization is a hotly contested subject and has been for years, however a new study by CBS News finds that nearly half of American’s now support the legalization of pot. In fact, the study finds that the same percentage of people who oppose marijuana use also support it.

According to the poll 47 percent of Americans do not support the legalization of marijuana and 47 percent fully support its legalization, while six percent remain undecided.

The poll was conducted from November 16 to November 19 and varies slightly from last years poll in which 51 percent of Americans opposed the legalization of marijuana.

Results from the new poll arrive just one month after Colorado and Washington because the first states to legalize recreational marijuana consumption for adults over the age of 21.

The new study finds that marijuana is most largely supported by people under the age of 45, the same age level that was discovered in Colorado and Washington polling. While 46-65 years old is a grey area researchers have found that senior citizens largely oppose the legalization of marijuana.

The poll also found that Democrats are more in support of recreational marijuana use with 51 percent supporting its legalization. In the meantime 66 percent of Republications oppose marijuana’s legalization and 55 percent of independents support turning pot legal.

In the meantime medical marijuana support has increased exponentially. Already legal in 18 states and Washington D.C. the study found that 83 percent of Americans now believe doctors should be able to prescribe small amounts of marijuana to patients who are suffering from serious illness.

While a large number of people now support legalized marijuana for medical use only 29 percent of respondents believe prescriptions are being used for people who actually suffer from grave diseases.

Despite increasing support for medical and recreational marijuana use the drug is still illegal under federal laws.