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Marijuana Legalization: Half Of Americans Want To Allow Pot

Marijuana Legalization supported by Americans

Marijuana legalization is a hotly contested subject and has been for years, however a new study by CBS News finds that nearly half of American’s now support the legalization of pot. In fact, the study finds that the same percentage of people who oppose marijuana use also support it.

According to the poll 47 percent of Americans do not support the legalization of marijuana and 47 percent fully support its legalization, while six percent remain undecided.

The poll was conducted from November 16 to November 19 and varies slightly from last years poll in which 51 percent of Americans opposed the legalization of marijuana.

Results from the new poll arrive just one month after Colorado and Washington because the first states to legalize recreational marijuana consumption for adults over the age of 21.

The new study finds that marijuana is most largely supported by people under the age of 45, the same age level that was discovered in Colorado and Washington polling. While 46-65 years old is a grey area researchers have found that senior citizens largely oppose the legalization of marijuana.

The poll also found that Democrats are more in support of recreational marijuana use with 51 percent supporting its legalization. In the meantime 66 percent of Republications oppose marijuana’s legalization and 55 percent of independents support turning pot legal.

In the meantime medical marijuana support has increased exponentially. Already legal in 18 states and Washington D.C. the study found that 83 percent of Americans now believe doctors should be able to prescribe small amounts of marijuana to patients who are suffering from serious illness.

While a large number of people now support legalized marijuana for medical use only 29 percent of respondents believe prescriptions are being used for people who actually suffer from grave diseases.

Despite increasing support for medical and recreational marijuana use the drug is still illegal under federal laws.

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86 Responses to “Marijuana Legalization: Half Of Americans Want To Allow Pot”

  1. Angela Herrera Shelton

    For pete sake it could be money that the government could be making to help the deficit if it were legalized it is a proven fact that it does not lead to harder drugs and it is no worse than alcohol. I say legalize it and that way it would taxable and look at all the medicinal uses it has. Truth be told I bet many in politics have used it maybe still are.

  2. Richard Doin

    yes it should have been legal 20 yrs ago look at all the wasted resources people are going to smoke it anyways.
    look at all the tax dollars that could go towards the deficit beats taking it away from are mortage deduction.

  3. Angela Herrera Shelton

    There are far more uses than smoking it like the oil from cannabis has holistic helpful effects and morre.

  4. Kelly Renee K

    you have a typo in your article there buddy…might want to re-check your article before posting it after smoking weed LOL.

  5. Ivan Force

    Legalize it, its the best form of natural selection there is. Let the vegetables get stoned while normal people enjoy life's experiences when sober, AND REMEMBER THEM! Weed is for cabbages.

  6. Robert Saenz

    Arguing that alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful but legal doesn't sell it for me. Marijuana… is just more of that same type of backwards logic.

  7. Kelly Renee K

    try telling that to poor people, college students, and Mitt Romney

  8. Robert Saenz

    there's booze and cigarettes thats legal – right now – and there are still poor people, college students and mitt romney. money isn't god and god isn't money and you'll find no solution in or savior in false ones.

  9. Alfred Bechtold

    alcohol is legal and it kills , marijuana is harmless –and you go to jail for it? alcohol is the worst drug we have and its legal.. marijuana should be the legal one?

  10. Lori Kissinger Lenig

    HELL NO it shouldn't be legalized that is just another step in the wrong direction for this country. I don't know who the hell they are trying to kid that it would be best for the economy cause no way it is going to make things better in this country maybe they should get rid of those people that think legalizing Marijuana and get to the real problems in this country starting with the lying people in office and the people that are afraid to stand up for them selves.

  11. Casey Goldman

    It should be legalize cuz it help in medical and it helps ADHD cuz it relaxes ppl and also ppl would fight less and less ppl would get killed over a weed sell gone bad so all u ppl tht don't support legalization of Marijuana r supporters of killers

  12. Sandra Mitch

    It's not a drug. It's a natural growing plant. You do nothing to it to alter its state to ingest. Hemp has many uses. And it doesn't destroy your mind. It should be legalized and controlled like alcohol and cigarettes which really will kill you. It's only a matter of time before its legalized.

  13. Donna Wilburn

    It needs to be legalize my moms dr said that if they would make it legal here in Kansas he would subscribe it to her for her condition that thus far no pill has help

  14. Mike Mccollum

    Heres the thing people need to understand. marijuana and cocaine and other drugs were made illegal because the public at the time,the white public,was being told that coked up and stoned negros from the south were going to come up to towns in the north and rape white woman.that these drugs turned the negro into sex crazed demons that had to be shot 10 times in order to stop from trying to sexually molest your white wife.thats the real story on how the public got scared into going to their political representatives and demanding that these drugs be outlawed.before that wealthy upper class whites had "cocaine parties".doctors swore marijuana was good for a number of ailment,& now we know they were right about could get out your monthly Sears or JCPennys catalog and order your own morphine and kit with hyperdermic needle.cocaine kits could be bought with your initials engraved on them. While im not saying that we should go back to that kind of pervasive drug use,i am saying that anyone who says marijuana is some kind of horrible demon scourge of a drug is crazy. If i smoke a few joints,i get hungry and laugh at dumb stuff. If i drink a few shots,i cant walk and i definitely cant drive. Alcohol is worse than marijuana,but it was such a big custom in the cultures of white european irish,german,russian,&italian immigrants,that we kept it around. mostly blacks in the south smoked marijuana and did coke,so it was evil. ALL WHITES drank something,so we kept that stuff evil,white stuff good. If i smoke all day,i can still do any mental or physical task. If i drink all day,im gonna not be able to walk by noon and destroy my liver. So seriously cut the crap,alcohol is way worse. if you say its not,your a liar or havent ever smoked. Marijuana should be like alcohol,you can go to a bar to smoke,but cant smoke and drive. Thats it.

  15. Pedro Johnson

    Wow Lori Kissinger Lenig that was perhaps the most ignorant comment I have ever had the displeasure of reading. I can't believe you got a like probably some other rednecked, truck driving hillbilly.

  16. Andrew Scott Fenner

    Legalize the shit out of it! Man aint nothin rong with smokin weed, weed is from the earth, god put it here for u and me, take advantage man take advantage!

  17. J Anthony Treviño

    Once it is legalized then it will be subject to taxes, the system of taxes will require the product to be unitized, then the big tobacco business steps in, once they get there hands on it and make it big business it will awash in so many chemicals then for sure everybody who does it will start getting sicker just like cigarettes. Have we not learned yet? WHAT IS MEANT FOR GOOD, MAN PERVERTS!

  18. Rocky Anderson

    Keeping MJ illegal keeps it in control of organized crime. Prohibition does not work. Time to get real America. Take control, use the tax revenue to fight social problems.

  19. Robert Johnson

    Is not legal it is because of all the money that the drug companys are going to loose out on. That is what it all boils down to. Open your eyes America letsfind out what all this little plant can do foe us.

  20. Wendy Dial

    You are only half ass right. Maybe they should get rid of the people who are against marijuana, then we would be better off. Go Green. God giveth and Satan taketh away. So whose side are you on? God or Satan.

  21. Jenn Coolidge

    No brainer. LEGALIZE it. We the taxpayers are paying A LOT to fund the police farce, jails (and all of its overhead), courts (those judges robes don't come cheap) etc. ENOUGH! I'm tired of lives being ruined over weed! Legalize it, grow it, TAX it… budget shortfalls resolved.

  22. Louis Friend

    Please make it legal! My brother just died from stage 4 bone cancer 5 months of hell the pain was horable the pain meds the Dr,s gave him were even worse if he could of just managed his pain with marijuana he could of had an apatight and maybe lived longer with so much pain ( I'm for that)

  23. Fermin Cardenas

    Marijuana smoking is far less than cigs, cigs people smoke a pack a day while joint people might smoke once a day or less I old think.

  24. Kora Leonard

    Yes but then if u legalize it then kids could get it and put things in it and then sell it then get in trouble ya sure it will help some people out but u gotta think what could happen In the long run. Do you want kids to get ahold of it? I don't think so. And people would not fight less. If they didn't have any they would fight to get it. So don't say there would be less fighting or killing because there wouldn't be

  25. Bevan Daley

    You don't see high men beating their wives but u see and hear bout drunks all the time, so why is one legal and the other not….hhmmm

  26. Larry Williams

    Cannabis is great. It works very well to counteract BP drug side effects. I think it will be addressed in the new congress. It is a true gift.

  27. Michael Hough

    First, kids already get it. The evidence suggests that prohibition does not decrease the use or availability of the substance overall. There is no reason to believe children will have any more access to marijuana then they currently do. Further, we don't need to restrict all of society for something that is the responsibility of individuals and their parents.

  28. Michael Hough

    Could care less about the potential profits (it's easier to grow than tomatoes.. and just as safe).. Nor am I concerned with you sanctimonious turds spouting slippery slopes about "the children" (whom we addict to sugar and take to such places McDonalds….).

    The government does not have the right to dictate what I or anyone else does in the privacy of their own home as long as they are not a danger to themselves or anyone else. Near as I can tell from the research I've seen, marijuana is no more dangerous than a twinkie.

    If you spend some time looking at the history of drug prohibition in America you will see it has been used to target, manipulate, and control the culture and economic status of minorities and the working class. And of course to secure large amounts of property for the DEA through outrageous forfeiture laws.

    Wake up!

  29. Stephen Carnright

    Show me where to cast my vote on all these polls that happen, because as of now I'm put in the 6% because I'm too busy working and doing other things to be able to say anything along the lines of 'Legalize that shit already.'

  30. Carla Leonard

    Kora Leonard , wrong MJ is not addicting other then psychology, If we legalize it our 10 trillion dollar per year fight on drugs would go out the door. And yes, they say it is a "gateway drug. This is due to it being illegal. If it were legal, people wouldn't be exposed to those other drugs because they wouldn't have to go to the black market where there is Temptation. And as a christian, one more comment. God put all things on our earth for our consumption in moderation. We as a whole are totally out of control in far more ways then the consumption of MJ. Wake up and smell the roses people.

  31. Carla Leonard

    Also, kids are getting there hands on it now. If it were legal maybe they wouldn't be able to get there hands on it as easily.

  32. Mark La Palme

    There are many areas of concern! 1 scripturally we are to be sober minded, that isn't just a reference to drugs and alcohol but it does include them. 2 cannabis is linked to depression , early onset dementia and paranoia. Especially in teenagers. I have seen much evidence of addiction to it over the last 36 years.

  33. Bill Gebhart

    Hey Blake Stamper…If pot is legalized, the rehab people will be busier than ever. Ask an addict what started him/her on their downward spiral in to addiction. In Europe, where drugs are legal. addicts lay around on the ground in a drug induced haze/half dead, until the drug wears off enough that they feel the physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and then they do whatever they have to go get stoned again…collecting and selling trash, newspaper, even themselves, etc. to get wasted again, because the pain of being sober is too great…Wow…What a wonderful life(?) I know it doesn't happen to every pot smoker, but what a pity for the wasted, empty lives rotting away day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute. Take a little while and read-up on the "opium dens" of the past and present too. It all started with ONE bad decision. Thank God its not you!!! LOL all you want

  34. Anne Wilson Donaldson

    I believe it should be as legal as alcohol, but to say pot is harmless is incorrect. IIt is "harmless" in the fact that it is not as addictive as other drugs, but anytime you replace your oxygen intact with smoke, it causes harm to your system. However, I think to legalize pot at this point in time is too little too late. We have become anti-smoking in the US, so why would we now promote smoking of a mind altering substance that can have the same mind altering affect on second hand recipients?

  35. Kaylie Michelle Moore

    whether it is legal or not, people will get it and smoke it and whatnot. any age any day.

  36. Ryan Carver

    then again you dont hear that someone smoked a joint and crashed into a family and killed them drunk drivers have plenty of those stories

  37. April Lawrence Davis Pratt

    I use to smoke but I stopped for a job and my grandchildren but I know there is a lot of people out there who do and I really don't think its not bad as long as you don't abuse it.

  38. Roxanne Dulon

    People should do research before they post. Everyone saying that this is a "gateway drug" this was a scare tactic used by the Government. In OUR

  39. Roxanne Dulon

    history people used to use hemp for everything from clothing to hopes. Sailors preferred to smoke than drink because they wouldn't get hangovers and were less aggressive out at sea. Oh and btw….it is EASIER for kids to get illegal drugs than alcohol. I appreciate hearing other opinions but not when they aren't backed up with facts.

  40. Phil Bowman

    advil and tylenol is far worse for the body then marijuana just saying. What makes it bad or illegal? (the government saying so) they cant control it so they don't want it legal. never a death from it and 90% proven crime rate drops when its legalized. cartells cant make money on the crop if legalized. people can't sell it on the streets. its a bigger cash crop then tomatoes which is the number 1 legal crop in the world. why put people in jail who smoke weed and don't cause harm to anyone? why put these normal people with inmates who do do harm to others and sell actual drugs.. all it does is school a stoner into selling cocain or robbing houses. (ciggs kill people, beer makes u do stuff u would never do sober, government pills(legal) kill more people then cocain.) wwhy is it illegal?

  41. David Kelly Flowers

    It has been said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results". Lets just keep the most costly and bloody "WAR" going for another 80+ years. When it bankrupts this country we can say at least we did our best to control world…. Personally I am for "Federal Drug Store's" where quantity and quality can be monitored of all illegal drugs. Oh, wait, that would be way too much "freedom", or at least that is what my "God complex" suggests to me. So keep up deforestation instead of using Hemp paper, after all it is just another one of the minuscule benefits we give up out of fear.

  42. Dawn Zarzana

    I agree a 100% percent with alfred. Why is alcohol legal and marijuana not. It doesn't make any sense you never here someone was high on pot and ran down ten people but everyday someone dies from a drunk driver. Pot relaxes you and its safer then taking half of these prescription drugs that all these little kids are overdosing on.

  43. Dawn Zarzana

    I agree a 100% percent with alfred. Why is alcohol legal and marijuana not. It doesn't make any sense you never here someone was high on pot and ran down ten people but everyday someone dies from a drunk driver. Pot relaxes you and its safer then taking half of these prescription drugs that all these little kids are overdosing on.

  44. Phil Bowman

    pot is harmless. i was hospitalized as a kid for asthma a few times and i have been smoking for 7 years and i swear to god i have never noticed my asthma it went away 99%. if i choose to put smoke in my lungs and cause "harm" to my lungs then i should be able to do so. people who dont smoke weed that have befor tend to forget that there is a tollerance to a smoker.. its 100% different for me to smoke a hit of weed and for someone else who does not smoke… they would get faddeeedd almost drunk and id stay the same..

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