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‘My 600-Lb Life’: Sean And Brittani’s Incredible Weight-Loss Journeys

Editor’s note: This article originally incorrectly stated that Sean and Brittani are siblings. This information is incorrect and the article has been amended accordingly.

Sean and Brittani – two of the most notable personalities on TLC’s My 600-Lb Life – are slowly headed toward losing 900 and 600 pounds, respectively.

Sean and Brittani – who were two of the saddest stories from My 600-Lb Life in Season 4 – may be a long way from the slim bodies they desire, but their progress is rather impressive.

During last Wednesday’s episode, My 600-Lb Life gave a long-awaited update on the weight loss struggles of Sean and Brittani, who entered the 600-Lb Life program at 900 and 600 pounds, respectively.

Brittani has lost half her weight since My 600-Lb Life showed her last. But losing those 300 pounds gave Brittani a new, but rather expected, headache – hanging skin – according to the International Business Times.

As Brittani continues to lose weight, she was scheduled to get skin removal surgery on My 600-Lb Life, as the more weight she loses, the more hanging skin is left behind.

While Brittani is hoping to arrive at her ideal body after losing weight and getting rid of the hanging skin, Sean – who’s one of the heaviest subjects on My 600-Lb Life ever – has also achieved formidable success since Season 4.

Sean, who entered My 600-Lb Life at more than 900 pounds, exceeded the TLC show’s titular weight figure, but it didn’t prevent him from losing 300 pounds since viewers saw him last.

Just like Brittani and her struggles with the hanging skin, Sean has been tackling a second problem on top of losing all that weight.

Sean is still unable to walk, and Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the doctor who performs weight loss surgeries on My 600-Lb Life, blames Sean’s mother Renee for him remaining immobile.

Dr. Nowzaradan believes that Renee is preventing Sean from achieving even greater weight loss success on My 600-Lb Life, as her helicopter parenting makes Sean dependent on her.

During her on-camera interview in a preview clip for My 600-Lb Life’s Wednesday episode, Renee was seen saying that she doesn’t “care about the weight loss right now.”

Sean, who turned to food after he had to live through the painful divorce of his parents, had been unable to take care of himself before starting his My 600-Lb Life journey in Season 4 last year.

While losing so much weight rapidly creates certain risks for health – just as living with so much weight and not losing it – Sean has made significant progress. But his mother seems very worried about his health.

The preview clip showed Sean laying in a hospital bed, while his mother was heard saying she didn’t think “Sean is going to make it.”

“I don’t care about the weight loss right now. I care that my kid’s in pain.”

Sean got used to his mother taking care of him. Last year’s My 600-Lb Life episode dedicated to Sean and Brittani showed that Sean needed assistance with bathing and getting up to go to the bathroom.

Even weighing more than 900 pounds last year, Sean has previously admitted that he could walk “a few steps.” He would, however, pee in a bucket beside his bed to not put in any effort and get up from bed.

Brittani, who is happily married to a man named Bill, posts updates about her My 600-Lb Life weight loss journey on her Facebook page, which has more than 6,000 followers.

Brittani got married to Bill weighing 392 pounds, and she has previously said on My 600-Lb Life that Bill has always liked big women, according to Heavy. But when Brittani’s weight gain got chaotic and she started packing on the pounds, she didn’t allow her husband to see her naked.

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