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Harry Styles Turns Down Acting Jobs, ‘Sign Of The Times’ Singer Announces World Tour

Harry Styles has reportedly turned down several acting jobs in favor of his world tour. After his film debut on Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, the One Direction singer received several offers to pursue acting. A new report, however, revealed that Styles decided to turn them all down and stick to his pop roots.

According to Metro, Harry Styles has been offered leading roles left and right. Earlier reports even claimed that Styles was thinking of completely leaving his music career and focus on acting. This, however, turned out to be false as the One Direction singer recently announced his fall world tour ahead of his solo album.

Insiders told the website that music will always be Styles’ first love. Even though he was offered the big bucks in Hollywood, Styles is reportedly ready to set that aside.

“Harry has opted to pursue his music career ahead of movies. He’s found himself a very wanted man, besieged by leading man role offers worth serious bucks, but he’s adamant music is his first love. Harry is setting down a market to the world as a credible solo star with live shows and hard promo on the road.”

Harry Styles‘ self-titled solo debut album is set to release May 12. Early this week, the singer confirmed that he’s going on a world tour, beginning with North America. According to WIAT, the “The Sign of the Times” singer will be heading to San Francisco in September to promote his album. He will then visit Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Phoenix. Styles will then head to Europe, Singapore, and Australia. “The Sign of the Times” tour is set to end on December 8 in Tokyo.


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In other news, Harry Styles has been accused of copying his album’s artwork from Shed Seven’s “Ocean Pie.” According to Rick Witter, the singer of the indie band, Styles’ debut album looks very similar to the cover art for “Ocean Pie,” a song they released 23 years ago.

As reported by The Sun, Ocean Pie’s 1994 artwork features a blue-tinted photo of a shirtless man slumped over a sink, with his arms covering his face. Styles’ debut album, admittedly, bears a striking resemblance. The album cover showed Styles shirtless and drenched in water, with his back from the camera and his face cut out of the shot.

“When I first saw it I genuinely thought ‘Are you ripping us off?’ It’s very close to the mark,” Witter said.


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The Shed Seven singer, however, quickly added that he viewed it as a “nice compliment,” saying that imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Witter also said that he would not be getting his lawyers involved. He even invited Styles to their show so they could give him tips “on being rock and roll.” Rick Witter pointed out that he saw Styles trying to break out from his pop roots and “trying to be all indie” on Graham Norton and would love to give him tips.

The Sun pointed out that Harry Styles’ artwork has a consistent theme of being submerged in water, as seen in both the “Signs of the Times” artwork and world tour poster. Although it seemed like Styles copied Shed Seven’s artwork for “Ocean Pie,” this could also be nothing but a coincidence. The site held that his single cover for “Sign of the Times” featured him sitting in shallow water looking away from the camera. Styles’ world tour poster, meanwhile, shows him lying as water swirls around the singer.

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