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Chimp Attack Settlement: Woman Disfigured In Attack Gets $4 Million

Chimp Attack Settlement: Woman Disfigured In Attack Gets $4 Million

A chimp attack settlement has been reached for a woman who was horribly disfigured after a 2009 attack by a chimpanzee, with the woman getting $4 million from the estate of the now-dead owner.

Legal documents obtained by The Associated Press show the chimp attack settlement details, with victim Charla Nash’s brother filing suit on her behalf in 2009. The suit sought $50 million in damages from the chimp’s owner, Sandra Herold, who died in 2010.

The chimp attack left Nash blinded and her face torn apart in the attack outside Herold’s home in February 2009. Nash also lost both hands in the attack.

Attorney Brenden Leydon, who represented Herold’s estate, noted that the chimp attack settlement represented a fair compromise on all sides. Lawyers for Nash disagreed, saying it was “an insignificant amount” considering what Nash suffered in the ordeal. The 57-year-old Nash had to undergo a face transplant and now must live in a nursing home.

The chimp attack happened when Nash went to Herold’s home to help lure the 200-pound chimpanzee, Travis, back inside. The chimp turned wild, attacking Nash and ripping off her nose, lips, eyelids, and hands before the animal was shot and killed by a police officer, CBS News noted.

Herold treated Travis as if he were a member of the family, feeding him steak and lobster and letting him eat with her at the table. The chimp appeared in television commercials and also made an appearance on The Maury Povich Show.

The chimp attack settlement is only expected to cover a small fraction of Nash’s medical costs. She is in need of constant care and 24-hour supervision in her nursing home, and still has more surgeries ahead for hand transplants, her lawyers said.

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13 Responses to “Chimp Attack Settlement: Woman Disfigured In Attack Gets $4 Million”

  1. Anonymous

    when will the american people get a settlement from the chimp in the White House.

  2. Cindy Davidson-Compton

    she should have gotten a lifetime of care, medical bills ALL paid, and then some…..unbelievable!

  3. Barb Wilson

    Please stop being silly and acting shocked when a wild animal acts or reacts like a wild animal. Just because you raised it, put human clothes on it and snuggled with it in your bed doesn't remove the wild animal from it. We will never know what makes a wild animal tick or how it thinks, stop trying to domesticate wild animals. How many more tragedies must happen before some of us actually get it. Silly people with no common sense.

  4. Barb Wilson

    No, unbelievable is thinking we can domesticate a wild animal. A wild animal is a wild animal no matter how you slice it. And this is because we will never know what makes them tick and how they think. No advanced technology will ever be able to tell us that. So best way to avoid situations like this one and the many others that have occurred is to leave nature where they are.

  5. Traci Anderson-Banville

    It was not her chimp ! Should she be punished for trying to help her friend ? The attack should have happened to the "owner" of the chimp. At least she might have expected it.

  6. Cheryl Shipley

    this is so sad. I remember this case. People who have wild animals as pets are delusional if they think they can totally domesticate a wild animal. As for the amount, perhaps that was all there was left? If they invest the 4 million it will grow and cover her costs. She deserves more, no doubt.

  7. Barb Wilson

    @Traci- It doesn't matter who's chimp it is. That's irrelevant. She chose to get in there and try to "help." Someone tells you they need help with a wild animal the best way you can help is to call the police and animal control. Isn't she some sort of "expert" with these kinds of animals. Seems she should've shown a bit more common sense. If the chimp owner who knows the animal a bit more than you is asking for help..uh, isn't that some sort of red flag?

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