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Tips, Hacks, And Tricks To Make Your Netflix Experience More Epic

Netflix is, by far, the most enjoyable time suck available, and many people probably couldn’t live without it. As hard as it might be to believe, there are things you could be doing to make your Netflix experience even more epic than it is now.

Find Exactly What You Want

What’s On Netflix – also known as the Netflix Bible – offers a neat little trick you can use to find exactly what you want to watch on Netflix. As an added bonus, this cool little trick works regardless of what region you are watching Netflix in. According to the site, you just need to slap the appropriate category code to the end of the Netflix URL as you are browsing categories.

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If you are searching for military action and adventure, for example, you put the code 2125 on the end of your Netflix URL and it will pull it up for you. What’s On Netflix has three pages of category codes that go far beyond the categories that normally come up when you log into your Netflix account.

Know When Something is Leaving You

If you’ve given yourself a set amount of time to watch a show and you’re worried it’s going to get kicked off of Netflix soon, there’s a way to know for sure. In the details section of a movie or television show it will tell you when it’s expiring. Just look at the bottom when you have a show pulled up and click on details. Under availability it will show you how long you have before the show gets removed from Netflix.

Kick People Out of Your Streaming World

If you’re like most people, you have probably been so enthralled with a show you wanted to share it with others. Maybe your friend or family member didn’t have a Netflix account, so you just let them use yours. What happens when you don’t want this individual to use your Netflix account anymore? Well, you just give them a boot. Netflix makes it easy for you to go into My Account and sign out all devices that are currently logged into your account. Then, you just change your password and they can’t get back in.

See What You Want in Your Feed

Did you know Netflix takes requests? You can put in a request with Netflix if there is a movie or television series you would like to see. Netflix will see whether or not they can work out a licensing agreement to add the series or movie to their streaming library. If they can, you will see it added. Then, you can watch whatever it was you requested on repeat until it expires.

No Internet, No Problem

Few things will sink your heart faster than wanting to watch Netflix, but not having an internet connection. Fortunately, there are a lot of shows you can download and watch later. This can come in handy if you happen to get your internet knocked out by a storm, or if you are going on a long car ride. Or, you could just use this feature to download a few episodes of your child’s favorite cartoon as a way to keep them entertained when you go places without internet that aren’t really fun for children.

Subtitles Can be Your Friend

Have you ever gotten annoyed with the way your subtitles look on your screen? Frustrated with how much of the screen they take up? Well, Netflix has made it possible for you to change the appearance of the subtitles. Go into your account and click subtitle appearance. You will be able to adjust the size, the text, and the color to your liking. No more frustration.

You Can Do Stuff Before Your Friends

Want to test new Netflix features before your friends? Well, you can. Just go into your account and sign up for the trial program features. This will allow you to participate any time Netflix is testing a new feature to see whether or not their subscribers will enjoy it.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways for you to make your Netflix experience more epic. Are you going to try out any of these neat tricks?

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