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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers, Rumors: Roger Howarth’s Contract Is Up, Friz In Danger, Will Franco Leave PC?

General Hospital spoilers have been dropping hints on what’s to come for the May sweeps. Franco, Jason, and Liz are involved in a major plot. Discovering the secrets of Cassadine Island is going to be one of the highlights this month. If the latest General Hospital rumors are true, a character involved in discovering Jake Webber’s suppressed memories and Jason’s history might go off cam. Roger Howarth’s contract is still under negotiation. Unless Howarth and the soap finds a common ground soon, Franco might not be in future episodes of General Hospital.

Cassadine Island Mysteries

General Hospital spoilers teased Franco’s vital role in Jake’s recovery. Thanks to his involvement, the child is starting to open up about the disturbing things that took place in Helena Cassadine’s lair. In prior General Hospital episodes, Jason asked Franco to stay away from his son.

Given Jake’s current condition, it seems Jason needs to set aside his personal feelings and allow Franco to help his son. General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Franco is going to Cassadine Island to learn the truth.

Jake’s condition aside, Franco is deeply involved with Liz. Jason hates the fact that Liz is in a relationship with Franco. Unfortunately, he can do nothing about it. Franco and Liz as so into each other that they plan to move in together. Franco also proposed to Liz just a few weeks back.

Contract Negotiations

When it comes to contract negotiations, General Hospital has an unpredictable history. A year ago, Rebecca Herbst had to take some time off from filming GH due to contract disputes. In the end, she renewed her contract, and she was back playing her role as Liz. However, there was a story gap due to her absence.

Franco is currently one of the most important characters on General Hospital right now. If the man suddenly goes offscreen, it would be hard to make a logical excuse for his absence. The guy’s life revolves around Port Charles, and his absence means another gap in the storyline. While there has been no official news about Howarth’s contract renewal, Daytime Confidential that the parties involved did not reach an agreement yet.

“They haven’t made a deal and the show won’t be able to keep playing him until they do!”

Looking back on the soap’s history, some fan favorites were let go due to contract disputes. Tyler Christopher who played Nikolas Cassadine left the soap during contract negotiations. General Hospital fans who are rooting for Liz and Franco are definitely worried about the couple’s future. Then, there’s Jake. The kid considers Franco to be the only trustworthy person.

Writers would probably come up with something if Franco needs to go offscreen. This may have a huge impact on the story though, and Franco’s sudden absence might lead to sloppy storylines. Howarth’s fans took to Twitter to voice their support for him and encourage General Hospital to do what it takes to keep him in the show.

Kirsten Storms, who played Maxie on General Hospital, had to take time off for personal reasons. Writers tried to cover up her absence by sending Maxie to Portland. Maxie was fired from her job at Crimson, and she has a daughter in Portland. Since Maxie just married Nathan, this arrangement could have a huge effect on their relationship. Hence, there are speculations that Maxie and Nathan’s marriage won’t last. There are also rumors that Maxie will have an affair with Griffin.

May Sweeps

As General Hospital gears up for the May sweeps, there would be so much going on in Port Charles. Sonny and Carly Corinthos are still at each other’s throat. Spoilers suggest Sonny is going to seduce Carly to make sure he gets his assets back. Speaking of the Corinthos family, spoilers suggest Sonny might expose Ava for tampering with Morgan’s medicine. The big reveal about Morgan’s pills might happen during the Nurse’s Ball. General Hospital spoilers hint that more secrets will be exposed and that there will be a lot of hot confrontations in Port Charles soon.

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