WWE News Payback match specials include Seth Rollins pedigree

WWE News: ‘Payback’ Match Results Specials Include Seth Rollins’ Pedigree, Superstar Appearances At WWE PPV

At Sunday’s WWE Payback pay-per-view, some interesting “in-play specials” have been released for fans to consider with regards to the matches. These specials refer to different prop bet situations for the various matches on the WWE card in San Jose, California. Among them are things such as what will happen in various matches, or even if certain superstars will show up during the WWE Payback pay-per-view. Here’s a look at some of the considerations that fans have ahead of the big event.

As the WWE Leaks website reported earlier on Sunday, the William Hill sports book has offered different odds for situations in tonight’s Payback matches. For example, individuals can decide how many times “The Architect” Seth Rollins will hit a Pedigree on Samoa Joe in their match tonight. As it stands, the odds lean towards Rollins not using the move at all (1-to-4) compared to him using the move more than two times in the match (7-to-1). The favorite in this bet makes sense due to the fact Rollins seems to have ditched Triple H’s finishing move in favor of a new finisher of his own. Fans saw the new move on last week’s episode of Raw.

WWE Seth Rollins uses new finisher on Raw
Seth Rollins unveiled his new finishing move on Raw. Will he still use The Pedigree at Payback? [Image by WWE]

There have also been some interesting WWE rumors or spoilers ahead of the Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens match for the WWE United States Championship. Remember that if Jericho wins tonight, he moves over to SmackDown Live. However, the rumor has been he will be taking off for a tour with his rock band and that Monday’s Raw episode will be his last appearance for at least a month. That said, Jericho is the favorite to get a win tonight.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll leave with the US title belt, and the special odds are giving bettors a special for how he gets the win. Right now, odds are 1-to-8 that the match will end due to disqualification or countout, and 1-to-5 that Jericho gets the victory due to a disqualification. Both of these specials would give Jericho a victory against Owens without him taking the title away. AJ Styles will take on whoever the United States Champion is at next month’s Backlash PPV, so it makes sense that Owens should still have it then if Jericho’s on a concert tour.

Some other interesting “in-play special” WWE Payback bets from William Hill involve the possibility of interference in matches. For example, there are 2-to-7 odds that “The Boss” Sasha Banks will get involved in the WWE Raw Women’s title match with Bayley and Alexa Bliss. Could Sasha finally make that heel turn that has been rumored for weeks? It could very well occur tonight. There’s also 1-to-3 odds that T.J. Perkins gets involved during Austin Aries’ attempts to win the WWE Cruiserweight title from Neville.

In terms of surprise appearances, the sports book has a few of those to consider as well. That’s not to say any of these will actually happen, but they have been given odds to possibly occur. Among them are “everyone’s favorite jobber not named Jinder,” Curt Hawkins, as well as The Big Show, and current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman
Will WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar play a part in tonight’s Payback PPV? [Image by WWE]

None of these WWE superstars are scheduled for anything on the pay-per-view, but that doesn’t mean a match or situation won’t pop up. Brock Lesnar has 5-to-1 odds to interfere in the match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, while Curt Hawkins is listed at 3-to-1 odds for an “in-ring appearance.” Big Show has the most potential to appear, with odds of 5-to-2 for an in-ring appearance as of this report.

Another possibility for tonight’s show, or at least the pre-show, is that a match will be added involving The Miz and Finn Balor. Miz is expected to have Balor as his guest for an exclusive interview on MizTV during tonight’s Payback pre-show. As fans have seen with past editions of Miz’s in-ring show, anything can happen, including Miz attacking his guest or vice versa. It could potentially lead to the two having a match. There are odds that Balor wins the match over Miz on the main card, currently set at 9-to-4. Keep in mind, this would only pay out if the match takes place during the main pay-per-view, not on the pre-show.

On a final note, there are some interesting prop bets offered for the big “House of Horrors” match which will have Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt going at it without Orton’s World Championship on the line. There are 4-to-1 odds that Jinder Mahal will get involved and 5-to-1 odds that Sister Abigail shows up during the match. While both of those events are sort of longshots to happen, either one would make for an interesting addition to tonight’s WWE pay-per-view.

[Featured Image by WWE]