Call of Duty World War 2 Zombies mode teased

‘Call Of Duty: World War 2’ Latest Teaser Reveals Possible Setting And Missions

Call of Duty: World War 2 is Activision’s latest entry in the first-person shooter franchise. It is yet to be released later this year with a confirmed appearance at E3 2017, as the Inquisitr reported, and teasers in forms of puzzles already abound. It is widely known that the series is going back to its roots, but now we know more about the game thanks to clever fans.

As zombies are pretty popular in Call of Duty titles nowadays, Sledgehammer Games is putting a twist to World War 2 by letting some undead Nazis run wild. This was first confirmed by the developer in a tweet showing the usual rotting face of a zombie soldier, but it seems there is more to that picture.

When the teaser’s brightness is tweaked, some letters can be seen on the rim of the soldier’s helmet. (One correction: it is actually IUFDJ, not IUFDI).

The letters do not make sense on their own. That’s why Activision set up a web page with a typewriter where fans can input the given letters. Redditor LackingAGoodName detailed the steps and the results leading to a good amount of information on Call of Duty: WW2 Zombie Mode.

So far, these are the data gathered from the Call of Duty: WW2 egg hunt.

Possible Setting

At the bottom of the typewriter is a string of numbers that turned out to be the coordinates of Dunkirk, France. This is where the Battle and Siege of Dunkirk happened in 1944, VG247 reports. It is possible that the Call of Duty: WW2 Zombie Mode will take place at this site, but it has not been confirmed yet.

A New Horror Rises

The typewriter only has space for five letters at a time. Before inputting any letter, the decoder’s default setting is five blanks. After typing the first five letters, IUFDJ, the first light turns green (it turns red when the code is wrong) and the letters roll to ANEWH.

Next, when the letters BHLOP are typed in, the second light turns green and the decoder rolls to the letters ORROR. Typing JMUBA next will cause the third and final light to turn green. Then before proceeding to the folder, the letters roll back to RISES.

Put all together, the letters read: “A NEW HORROR RISES.”

Folder Containing Photos

After correctly typing in the letters, the screen fades to black, then to a top secret-looking folder with a bunch of signatures. Inside, there are only two photos: one of Frederick Barbarossa and the “Portrait of a Young Man” by Rafael.

According to reports, the first one likely hints to Operation Barbarossa, which points to Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. The portrait, on the other hand, is an allusion to Raphael’s painting that was stolen by the Nazis during WW2.

Unsolved Mystery

The folder, while looking plain, turned out to be harboring another secret. When viewed on the mobile site, the folder has some letters and numbers on the side, which reads: FORM – YMF – 212514 – 12123 – 131. What this could mean is still up to speculations.

Fans still seem to be excited about another Call of Duty title amid gamers claiming to be fed up with the series. Perhaps, the fact that Sledgehammer Games is taking the franchise back to what it made it great is contributing to the anticipation of the newest installment.

Nevertheless, fans can only hope that Activision has considered the players’ comments about its most recent Call of Duty titles. More information and likely a sneak peek of the gameplay can be expected on E3 2017, which takes place on June 13 to 15. Stay tuned until then.

[Featured Image by Sledgehammer Games/Twitter]