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Gwyneth Paltrow Partners With Condé Nast To Bring ‘Goop’ To Newsstands

Gwyneth Paltrow is expanding her Goop business with a new magazine, which will allow her to expand her reach to those who may not have access to her company blog and website. Partnering with Condé Nast, Ms. Paltrow is planning to release a quarterly print edition of her Goop website, which will necessitate a change in the way Gwyneth runs her Goop blog online to keep everything streamlined between the two mediums. Condé Nast and Goop will become partnered in a deeper sense with their social media content and websites offering co-produced and co-branded content.

Goop Will Maintain Editorial Control Outside of Artistic Collaborations with Condé Nast

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While this new partnership between Ms. Paltrow and Condé Nast may incite concern for the actress’ Goop followers, WWD reports that the company has pledged the print issues of Goop magazine will offer original content, produced by Goop. Mainly, the company will collaborate on artistic and creative imagery with Condé Nast.

Goop magazine will be divided into unique categories from health and fitness, cooking and recipes, and style and fashion. There will also be subheadings for wellness and travel. Each section will have the same flavor and voice of the Goop blog, keeping with Paltrow’s vision for the company.

Gwyneth will be working closely with Condé Nast artistic director and editor in chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, to maintain a constant hand on the reigns.

“Anna is a powerhouse, and one of the most admirable thought-leaders in media,” Paltrow said. “Collaborating with her and Condé Nast on this multiplatform content partnership, anchored by Goop’s emergence into a physical entity, was an opportunity for us to push our boundaries visually and deliver Goop’s point of view to consumers in new, dynamic ways.”

Adding to the praise offered by Ms. Paltrow, Anna Wintour remarked on Gwyneth’s taste and ability to examine the ways in which today’s society thrives, using that to deliver timely advice and information to her readers. Wintour feels that Goop and Condé Nast will come together in a natural way on the new project and she adds that she’s looking forward to working with Paltrow on a regular basis.

Goop Offers a Chance to Meet Gwyneth Paltrow in Person

Eater reports that Ms. Paltrow is hoping to bring her Goop readers together in Los Angeles for a lifestyle conference with the event planned for June 10. The conference, dubbed In Goop Health, will offer crystal therapy, aura photography, sound baths, and flower remedies.

The event will be catered by some of Gwyneth’s favorite restaurants, many of which have been mentioned on the Goop blog. Among the offerings will be salads from SweetGreen, veggie burgers from By Chloe, heartier offerings from Belcampo Meat Co., and beverages from Moon Juice.

Now for the bad news. While Goop readers may not be surprised by the cost of this one day event, others might be less inclined to give it a shot after learning that the most basic admission package starts at $500 per person.

That’s for the basic “Lapis” level ticket.

Each level is named for a crystal.

At the $1,000 per person Amethyst level, attendees will hobnob with the Goop founder herself at a formal cocktail party. This level also boasts a session with “body whisperer” Lauren Roxburgh.

The Clear Quartz pass tops off the admission fares with $1,500 per person and will give attendees the chance to eat Gwyneth Paltrow’s special “breakfast pick” in the morning and eat a lunch prepared by chef Seamus Mullen in the afternoon. Ms. Paltrow and special guests will also be joining the group for lunch.

Joining Gwyneth for In Goop Health will be Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, Cameron Diez, Tory Burch, and Nicole Richie.

The Clear Quartz tickets have already sold out, but Lapis and Amethyst tickets are still available through the In Goop Health website.

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