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Mayor On Food Stamps Cory Booker Starts Challenge Tuesday

mayor on food stamps cory booker

Mayor on food stamps Cory Booker isn’t really at the poverty line, but he has committed beginning Tuesday to embark on a challenge in which he will live like it for a week following a contentious debate with a conservative Twitter user who attacked his support of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The mayor on food stamps story soon went viral, as Booker’s embrace of a leaner lifestyle for an ideological reason drew massive attention. And Booker has confirmed on Twitter that he plans to start the challenge — hopefully alongside the Twitter user that made the deal with him — early next week.

However, it seems that the woman with whom Booker is supposed to be engaged in the challenge is reconsidering her participation. The woman, who tweets under the user name @MWadeNC and wishes to remain anonymous, tells the press:

“I don’t think it’s fair to be challenged and just find out from the Internet when I’m supposed to take part … I would have appreciated the consideration that I have a life as well.”

But in his defense, Booker mentioned the start date four days ago, and said on his Twitter account that his staff were reaching out to initiate the mayor on food stamps challenge with the unnamed woman:

Booker confirmed the challenge again yesterday, with six days to go:

Whether the woman plans to put her money where her mouth is with the mayor on food stamps challenge remains to be seen, but the Twitter user admits she thinks “everybody should do this” despite her dim view of food stamps in general.

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14 Responses to “Mayor On Food Stamps Cory Booker Starts Challenge Tuesday”

  1. Kathy Poitra

    I'm on Disibity and cant get food stamps..why is the Govenor getting them..

  2. Michael Lindsay

    well this Mayor had better not cheat… cause here in Ohio the say house hold bills have went down… so they are dropping the food stamps for some people I know from 114 a month for 2 people to live on… to… 87 a month for 2 people to live on, that is $10.88 a week per person to live on starting the first of the year.

  3. Wendy Genua

    that is disgusting, how are you to survive on that? not only do they want to keep you on assistance they want to keep you weak.

  4. Wendy Genua

    these publicity stunts are such a slap in the face, the reality of this is we know that everyone will know he isn't down and out. I wish he could trade places for 30 days (I believe there is a show) and he would actually have to live withouth his credentials. On the street, figure out how to survive, deal with the government agencies like the reg, guy. stand in line all day just to have them tell you you're in the wrong line. let him hit the soup kitchens at the end of the month when the stamps don't make it there with him the last 4 days. This guy is making a mockery ut of the less fortunate, the oppressed.

  5. Lisher Gibbs Molina

    how in the world being on food stamps for only 1 week going to prove anything. such BS!

  6. Gerri Praught

    What good will one week prove. If he were to take this challenge for three months – then he will have accomplished something to be admired. Otherwise this is just publicity.

  7. Michael Lindsay

    i am not sure … i do believe they want you to go find a job … which is ok if there were any jobs to be found. but yes it is very hard to eat right on that little bit of money they give. i just do not know what people are going to do.

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