Man Kills Spider With Brass Knuckles

Man Kills Spider With Brass Knuckles [Video]

Spokane, WA — A man who tried to kill a spider with brass knuckles has gained internet fame after posting a video of the encounter to YouTube.

The man, Nick Runyan, is also known on YouTub by his username bignickbrother4, found out the hard way that brass knuckles are not the best weapon to use against a spider, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

Runyan’s problems first began when he discovered a massive spider in his bathroom. He chronicled the subsequent encounter on YouTube in a two and a half minute clip. The New York Daily News notes that he began the video by saying:

“I just saw the most messed-up thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I’m making this video to tell you guys that I am moving out of Spokane — not because of a job or anything — but because of spiders.”

Given the size of the spider seen on the video, it’s easy to understand Runyan’s fear. Despite this, we’d usually opt for a jar or fly swatter to remove the offending arachnid, instead of killing it with brass knuckles.

Runyan went on to explain in the video that his fear of spiders was sparked by finding “the biggest spider that I’ve ever seen” in the bathroom. In the video, he dons the brass knuckles and punches the wall where the spider is twice — it’s only after the second time that he discovered the consequences of his actions.

Not only do brass knuckles effectively squash spiders, they can also put a fist-sized hole in the wall. The viral video ends with Runyan yelling off camera, “Mom! Mom!” Safe to say a hole in the wall won’t be his only consequence for using brass knuckles to kill a spider.