Rasheeda And Kirk Frost Marriage

Rasheeda Speaks About Kirk Frost And The Status Of Their Marriage On ‘The Real’

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda has spoken about her the status of her marriage with Kirk Frost. In Season 6 of LHHATL, Kirk Frost is rumored to have fathered a child with Jasmine Washington. While he confessed to cheating on Rasheeda, Kirk denies that the child is his.

Rasheeda stopped by chat show The Real to open up about her marriage and her future with Kirk. Rasheeda admits that she still gets upset watching a scene in Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta where she opens up to Tammy.

Rasheeda reveals that she has been married to Kirk for about 17 years, and they were together before that. The Atlanta rapper and reality star also explains why you “can’t turn love off” as her and Kirk have built a life together.

“Kirk and I have been married for 17 years and we have been together before that. It’s difficult. Things happen and you’re not like ‘okay, I’m done with you; It’s over!’ We have a lot of history, we have children, we have businesses – I grew up with this man. Unfortunate things happen in a relationship and marriage is work; It’s a lot of work. The ups, the downs, the goods, the bad, it’s a lot of work. But at the end of the day, you’ve put me in this situation and this is what is going on with us, as much as I want to strangle you and choke your ass…. I love you, though. It doesn’t just turn off like that. But you have put me in a place where I have to draw the line.”

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In the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Scrappy, who is friends with both Kirk and Rasheeda, caught up with the couple. Rasheeda revealed to Scrappy that she is unsure about her future with Kirk and wants him to take a DNA test to prove he is not the father of Jasmine’s baby.

Scrappy then confronts Kirk and blasts his friend for potentially ruining his marriage. Kirk reveals that they have had problems in their marriage, and her work scehdule and lack of interest in sex played a role in his infidelity. Scrappy encourages Kirk to take a DNA test to prove he is not the father. However, Kirk is confident that child is not his and is in no rush to take the test. He also refers to Jasmine and Rodney as scam artists who are after his money.

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During her visit on The Real, Rasheeda is asked about what will happen if it turns out that Kirk is the father of Jasmine’s child. Rasheeda makes it clear that she will not be paying child support or financial aid to Jasmine.

“I damn sure ain’t paying no woman,” Rasheeda said on The Real referring to Jasmine, “Or having no part of no damn child support. You better believe that.”

Rasheeda hinted that she is willing to work on her marriage with Kirk with his infidelity but draws the line on him fathering a child with another woman. As Kirk has not taken a DNA test, it is still unclear whether he is the father of Jasmine’s child.

On the other hand, Stevie J took a DNA test, which proved he is the father of Joseline’s daughter. Next week on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta will feature Joseline’s viral baby shower and the birth of her daughter in a pregnancy special episode.

Earlier reports suggested that Joseline Hernandez will get a spinoff show documenting the birth of her daughter Bonnie Bella. However, it seems like it will be incorporated into Season 6 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

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