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Love And Rivalry For Seal On ‘The Voice’: New Season 6 Reveals All

British musicians Seal and Boy George are cat fighting on The Voice. In what promises to be a headline-making and scandalous season, The Voice Australia debuted Season 6 on Monday, as Aussie viewers were treated to a fight between the two British musicians.

The Voice, which for years has been a public battlefield for fights between female judges, finally has something new to offer to Australian viewers: a rivalry between two British male musicians, Seal and Boy George, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

For Season 6, The Voice Australia’s lineup includes Boy George, Kelly Rowland, and two returning judges: Seal and Delta Goodrem, who happen to have come under increased scrutiny due to romance rumors.

Three nights of blind auditions on The Voice – which aired on Australia’s Channel Nine daily from Monday through Wednesday, April 24-26 – kicked off the new season of the popular singing competition show.

Tensions between Seal and Boy George during the first night on Monday were so thick you could cut them with a knife.

Seal, who’s better known by some Australian people as the ex-husband of supermodel Heidi Klum, finished the blind auditions with one out of five contestants who made it through the first night of blind auditions on The Voice.

Boy George and Kelly, meanwhile, got two The Voice contestants each. Delta, who’s rumored to be dating fellow judge Seal – though the two have never confirmed their romance – didn’t land any contestants on the first night.

Interestingly, Monday night seemed very promising for Seal, as the first The Voice contestant that night picked the ex-husband of Heidi Klum. But then Seal kept losing The Voice contestants to fellow judges, and even his heartbreaking stories about why he returned to The Voice didn’t seem to help.

One of the highlights of Monday night on The Voice came when Jemma Lion was performing a cover of the Destiny’s Child song “Say My Name.” Delta and Kelly were so impressed with Jemma’s singing that they hit the button with their feet.

Seal then – to show that he is no less flexible – decided to press the button with another body part. And that body part was his big, muscular elbow.

The first night of blind auditions on The Voice Season 6 came to end, but the rivalry between Boy George and Seal rages on.

Not everything on The Voice has to be about trying to bring down your enemy. There must be love in everything, and that seems to be the mindset of Seal for Season 6, as the British musician’s rivalry with fellow judge Boy George is in stark contrast to Seal’s relationship with another judge, Delta Goodrem.

Ahead of Monday’s premiere of The Voice Season 6, Seal further fueled rumors of a romance with Delta when he proclaimed his love for Delta in a recent interview, according to The Sun.

Speaking to Australia’s New Idea magazine, Seal said working alongside Delta on The Voice is a “dream,” and described the 32-year-old as a “national treasure.”

While 54-year-old Seal and Delta have yet to neither confirm nor dismiss dating rumors, a source told the Australian magazine that the chemistry between the two is “hotter than ever.”

Even fellow The Voice judge Boy George, who keeps an eye on his apparent rival, recently opened up about the rumored romance between Seal and Delta.

Speaking on The Kyle And Jackie O Show, Boy George said he believes Seal “fancies the pants off Delta.” But apparently Delta is either trying to hide dating rumors even from Boy George or she simply turns a blind eye to Seal’s attraction to her.

“I said to her [Delta], ‘Oh he fancies you’ and she said, ‘No he doesn’t, no he doesn’t.'”

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