The White Princess on Starz - The Cast Of Episode 3 And Everything Else You Need To Know

‘The White Princess’ On Starz: The Cast Of Episode 3 And Everything Else You Need To Know

The next episode of The White Princess, Episode 3 (“Burgundy”) airs April 30 on Starz, and below you will find everything you need to know about it; including the cast, synopsis, and more.

Who is joining The White Princess cast in Episode 3?

A very interesting new cast member set to begin her reign on Starz’s The White Princess in Episode 3 is actress Joanne Whalley. Whalley joins the cast of The White Princess in the role of the Duchess of Burgundy, also known as Margaret of York. To explain the bloodline simply, the Duchess is Lizzie’s aunt, the sister of her father, Edward IV, and his brothers George, and Richard III.

What is the official synopsis for The White Princess Episode 3 on Starz?

According to the official website for The White Princess, Episode 3 will unravel as follows.

“Lizzie struggles through her labor while King Henry’s envoys embark on a diplomatic mission to Burgundy, a York stronghold abroad. Negotiations are jeopardized by a twist of fate, and Lizzie learns she has more in common with her husband than she first imagined.”

Is there any interesting cast trivia for The White Princess Episode 3 on Starz?

On The White Queen, actor David Oakes portrayed George, 1st Duke of Clarence, the brother of Margaret of York, the future Duchess of Burgundy. Joanne Whalley plays her beginning in Episode 3 of The White Princess on Starz.

Oakes and Whalley were both members of The Borgias cast. On the Showtime series, Whalley portrayed the mother of Juan Borgia, played by David Oakes. To sum it up, Whalley played the mother of Oakes’ character on The Borgias, and will be playing his character’s sister on The White Princess.

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Who is the Duchess of Burgundy, and what will she mean to The White Princess‘ central story?

According to the official character description on The White Princess‘ official website, the Duchess will prove to be a pretty influential person on The White Princess.

“Sister to dead kings Richard III and Edward IV of England, and sister-in-law to Dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville, sensual, intelligent York widow The Duchess of Burgundy presides over her fashionable and cultured court – a place of beauty, light and learning. Her life has been filled with loss. The Cousin’s War has claimed the lives of her father, her brothers and her husband, Charles the Bold.

“Her step-daughter Mary, and Mary’s two children Phillip and Rettie are the center of her world and the Duchess would do anything to protect them. The Duchess craves peace, but with King Henry VII on the throne of England all hope of that is shattered … and she must choose a side.”

It is officially time to speculate about Starz’s The White Princess Episode 3.

What is the “twist of fate” that jeopardizes King Henry VII’s peace talks with Burgundy, and what does Lizzie (Jodie Comer) learn that leads her to draw a strong parallel between herself and Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy), in The White Princess Episode 3?

Lizzie already knows that Henry did not want to marry her, a sentiment she has also shared. Therefore, both of them commiserating over being the victims of an arranged marriage would not be groundbreaking information in The White Princess Episode 3.

Maybe it is that both want peace between their families, or that they have both felt controlled by their powerful mothers. While neither has acted resentful of their mothers’ influence in the first two episodes of The White Princess, maybe that is about to change on the Starz series in Episode 3.

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Speaking of the mothers; what are Lizzie’s mother, and mother-in-law up to, in Starz’s The White Princess Episode 3?

Neither of them is mentioned in the episode description for Episode 3 of Starz’s The White Princess, but that does not mean they will not play an integral role in the episode. Since Lizzie will go into labor in Episode 3, it makes sense that her mother and mother-in-law would be nearby.

Thanks to their blood ties, Lizzie and Henry’s baby is the key to uniting an entire kingdom. That is if the baby is actually Henry’s. As the Inquisitr previously speculated, there is a possibility Lizzie is keeping a huge paternity secret on Starz’s The White Princess. Granted, the majority of characters on The White Princess have no reason to think Lizzie is, so her baby should reunite the realm, regardless.

Can I get an advanced peek at Starz’s The White Princess, Episode 3?

Marie Claire online has posted an exclusive clip from Episode 3 of Starz’s The White Princess. The footage contains a bit of a spoiler, so if you are a purist when it comes to spoilers for The White Princess, be warned.

Albeit, there is one slight spoiler insight provided in the clip that is rather benign, and worth knowing. In the clip, Lizzie seems concerned that her baby might be in danger from her mother’s curse.

Why would Lizzie’s baby be in danger on The White Princess?

In The White Queen, Elizabeth put a curse on her son, Prince Edward’s killer. The prince definitively killed in the tower, on the orders of Margaret. Margaret (Michelle Fairley) believes both of the York princes are dead, which they are not.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, before The White Princess, and during The White Queen, Elizabeth switched her younger son, Prince Richard, with a peasant boy. When Starz’s The White Princess begins, Prince Richard is in hiding with his mother, and sisters.

He becomes separated from them when King Henry VII’s forces come to gather Lizzie, and her family. Elizabeth (Essie Davis) hides Richard away, and has not received word of him since.

In The White Queen, Elizabeth cursed the children, and grandchildren, of Prince Edward’s killer(s) to die early deaths. If Lizzie’s baby is Henry’s, they are the grandchild of Margaret, the architect behind Prince Edward’s murder. Is Lizzie’s baby in danger? Learn more when The White Princess Episode 3 airs with its newest cast member at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

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