Seth Rollins Post Wrestlemania Plans Have Been Revealed

WWE News: Seth Rollins In Process Of Naming New Finisher Before Match With Samoa Joe At WWE ‘Payback’

On this week’s edition of Raw, Seth Rollins revealed his new finishing move to replace The Pedigree, but he hasn’t given the move a name and WWE officials are asking the fans for help. A finishing maneuver is one of the most important details about a top guy in WWE. The move becomes synonymous with the performer as they climb the WWE ladder, but Rollins has reached the top of WWE with three different finishing moves.

Most people considered “The Curb Stomp” to be the perfect finisher for Rollins. It was sudden, devastating, and he could hit the move on anyone. For a number of reasons, WWE officials banned the move. Since Seth Rollins was aligned with Triple H at the time, he adopted The Pedigree as his finishing move. At first, it was a tribute. After The Game’s betrayal, it became a dig at him until Rollins defeated HHH with his own move at Wrestlemania 33.

Now, Seth Rollins has debuted a new finisher, which is quite similar to a signature move that Kenny Omega of New Japan Pro Wrestling performs. Heading his match with Samoa Joe at WWE Payback, Rollins will do his best to put away his opponent with the new move. However, WWE officials want to have a name for the maneuver ready for the PPV, so they asked for some ideas from the WWE Universe to give the move a name.

Seth Rollins Has Abandoned the Pedigree
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WWE made a video with Cathy Kelley giving a closer look into Seth Rollins’ new finisher. The maneuver is a high-knee that connects right to the face. Seth’s move-set has always been heavy on knees. In fact, the WWE Universe will remember him breaking John Cena’s nose during a match with a huge knee. Many people are still under the impression that Rollins is an unsafe worker in the ring. They don’t approve of the new move.

The intelligence in the maneuver is it plays on Rollins’ history of using severe knee strikes, which makes it a believable move to finish matches. However, it can also be used as a signature to set up something from the top rope like “The Phoenix Splash” if Seth Rollins wants to put an exclamation point on the end of a match.

For now, the important thing to do is for Seth Rollins to use the move to win big matches, which should get it over with the WWE Universe. For instance, if he defeats Samoa Joe at WWE Payback with the move, that will be a big boost to show the move can beat almost anyone. While the WWE Universe continues to debate about the move becoming Rollins’ finisher, WWE asked the fans to help find a name for the new maneuver.

Seth Rollins Has Debuted a New Finishing Move
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WWE officials have been trying to push Seth Rollins as “The Kingslayer” since he defeated The Game on the grandest stage of them all. There is some speculation that the move will just be called “The Kingslayer.” On WWE’s video with Cathy Kelley, the idea of calling the move “Regicide.” The old term means to kill a king or to mean that a king has been killed. “Knee-slayer” has also been mentioned on social media as a possibility.

With every new finishing move, there is always an adjustment period. Whatever WWE officials decide is the right name for Rollins’ high-knee, the WWE Universe will take some time to get used to Rollins using a new move. Most people would agree that the new move fits him and his move-set better than “The Pedigree” ever did. This finisher will likely stick with Seth Rollins for a long time. The name should be something special.

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