President Donald Trump 100-day rally speech

Donald Trump Receives Major Backlash For Attacking Media During Presidential ‘100-Day Rally’

Donald Trump was at it again during his 100-day rally as President of the United States. In his typical rhetoric, which includes removing someone from his rally, gloating about data, or attacking the media, Trump certainly had his fair share of exhibiting his usual behavior throughout the speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Of course, he went to the media and attacked several outlets, and his first target was the New York Times.

During the rally, Trump stated that the media outlet is getting smaller, even stating that the paper is starting to decrease so much in size that it is starting to look like a comic book. He added that the outlet sold their building in Manhattan, New York, and now they are housed in a “very ugly building in a crummy location.” He went on to attack the Boston Globe, stating that they write “nasty” articles and op-eds, explaining how Trump should run his presidency.

“They are incompetent, dishonest people, who after an election, had to apologize because they covered it, us, me, but all of us. They covered it so badly, that they felt they were forced to apologize because their predictions were so bad,” he spoke regarding the outlet.

Trump felt that the media deserves a “big, fat, failing grade.”

In response, the New York Times tweeted an article that recorded the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency and how there were many inconsistencies regarding upholding his promises.

“In his first 100 days in office, President Trump has falsely boasted of attracting the largest inaugural crowd ever, cited a nonexistent terrorist attack in Sweden and leveled an unproved accusation that his predecessor spied on him.”

During a panel discussion on CNN, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum partially agreed with the direction that President Trump went, stating the media does indeed create an environment that is not conducive to honest coverage. He stated that one can blame Donald Trump for what he is doing, but the media is to blame also. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm agreed that the media can be blamed for not reporting the agony of the people whose jobs are being removed. However, she believed that Trump “went off the rails” and is doing a very poor job acquiring more people than his base.

“He is the President. He has a responsibility to broaden his lane,” Granholm stated.

Even Trump supporter and former South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer felt that there were opportunities that Trump missed during his speech regarding broadening his base.

“There’s no question about building the tent. [Trump] has an opportunity now to grow his tent. His base is there. He could really make it so difficult on the democrats these next couple of years. Midterm elections. Ronald Reagan said, ‘If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.’ If he could grow the populous behind him, he could get any legislation he wants passed, because he could bring the heat back in the districts, and he could become a king maker in the legislative process. And that’s what he really wants to do is leave a legacy of getting things changed for the American people. But the way you do that is grow that base of people in the districts or states that you want help.”

Overall, CNN panelists believed that Trump substantially dropped the ball regarding reaching out to people other than his base. In fact, there are a number of Republicans who are not happy with his direction. With a chunk of his speech covering how “nasty” certain outlets are, people who feel that Trump will cease allowing the media to have such an effect on him might as well concede that it will continue to happen as long as he has a television and a Twitter account.

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