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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Gets Bad News — How Long Will He Wait For Maxie To Come Back Home?

Maxie Jones and Nathan West got hitched on General Hospital in January. They are considered newlyweds and should be enjoying their first few weeks as a married couple. However, things haven’t been as rosy as they should be. The groom has been alone for weeks now, as Maxie has been out of town for a job, and it is about to get worse. He gets some bad news soon that may just ruin this marriage before it even gets started.

There hasn’t been much screen time at all for Nathan since Maxie left, and General Hospital fans are missing him, as well as his bride. He has been seen working his cases off and on at PCPD, but that’s about it. He is about to get some news, and it may not be good, as spoilers from TV Source Magazine reveal. Is the bad news about his new wife?

The reason that General Hospital has written Maxie as going out of town soon after her wedding is because actress Kirsten Storms needed to take another leave from the soap for a few weeks. This time there has been no recast, as had previously been the case when she left for health reasons. Although there is still no set date as to when Storms will return to work, it sounds like it could be soon.

This upcoming week on General Hospital will have disappointment for Nathan West. He and Maxie were so happy together, as they finally became husband and wife in January. They had their ups and downs along the way, but they finally did it and viewers were looking forward to seeing their favorite couple, known as “Naxie,” enjoy their first few months of wedded bliss. However, that didn’t really happen.

When Maxie got fired from her job at Crimson, she decided to go look for another job elsewhere. She found one, but unfortunately, it took her all the way to Portland. That is where she has been since she left town and now it sounds like she will be staying there a while longer.

How long will Nathan be kept waiting for his girl to come home? This is not a good start to a marriage. No matter how much he loves Maxie, this is bound to put a bit of a strain on their relationship. While Nathan waits for his true love to get back home to him, he will dive right into his work.

There is expected to be a new case that pops up, just in time for May sweeps. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, this particular case will turn personal. There could be a few different scenarios that could come up. There are rumors floating around that this will somehow lead Nathan to his real father. Could that be Valentin Cassadine? That is the speculation among GH fans.

Another scenario could be that his next case will lead him to Claudette, his wife that is assumed dead. The soap could eventually bring Bree Williamson back to her role as Nathan’s wife. Now that would throw a huge wrench into Nathan and Maxie’s honeymoon phase.

What about his sister, Nina? She is married to Valentin, but that isn’t going very well at all right now. Something could happen to her, especially if she double crosses her husband. Will she disappear like Claudette did? That would be bad for little Charlotte. That girl has lost enough parents in her young life already. She loves her stepmother and would be heartbroken if she should go away, too.

While everyone is waiting for Maxie Jones West to return to Port Charles, at least Nathan will have a storyline coming up soon. What do you think he will discover when he works on his new case? Will Maxie’s absence make Nathan’s heart grow fonder, or push him away?

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