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Joe Jackson Suffers A Stroke, Conflicting Reports On His Condition

Joe Jackson suffers a stroke

Joseph “Joe” Jackson, the controversial patriarch of the Jackson family and infamous manager of the Jackson 5, has suffered a stroke, according to several reports and confirmed by FOX411’s Pop Tarts celebrity column.

Someone close to the family confirmed the news to the news outlet.

“He’s in ‘serious’ condition. Joe has been struggling with his health a lot over the past three or four months,” said the source. “The good thing is that he was taken immediately to the hospital as he was with a couple of people at the time.”

Jackson’s condition is the subject of conflicting reports. CNN says that Jackson is being treated at a Las Vegas hospital after suffering a “mild” stroke, “is in very good spirits,” and expects to be sent home Friday. Like the Fox report, CNN‘s source asked not to be named. Calls to the family reps by E! were not immediately returned.

Jackson has suffered two other “mild” strokes over the past five years. He is 83-years-old. Despite his age, he remains active in developing and promoting several businesses and products.

He is still married to Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson, though they live separately. He has a home in Las Vegas, where he is presumably being treated, and his wife lives in Calabasas, California, with Michael Jackson’s three children.

UPDATE: According to former attorney and family friend Brian Oxman, Jackson is recovering just fine. “He was doing well and says he’s feeling OK,” Oxman said. “He was talking fine,” Oxman added. “He sounded excellent to me.”

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7 Responses to “Joe Jackson Suffers A Stroke, Conflicting Reports On His Condition”

  1. Carla Moore

    May God watch over Joe Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family. They are just people, like everyone else, and deserve love and respect. Quit judging people, it's not our job. God will take care of things. There is always two sides to every story and what gets printed in newspapers and on the internet is usually not even close to what is really happening. Life is dull, so the press makes it sound interesting so people will pay attention. I'm praying for Joe Jackson to recover from this stroke and resume his life with no complications. God bless the Jackson family.

  2. Dave Daniels

    Its about time. This sleazeball should have died a horrible death many years ago. HE is the reason his son was a pedophile and hes the reason his daughters grew up dysfunctional when he sexually and violently abused them. His "Fame at all cost" mentality is the reason the entire family has been such a mess. I hope this bloodsucker dies in agony.

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