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‘Scary’ Mugshot Of South Carolina Mom With Jet Black Eyes Goes Viral, Freaks Out Internet

A South Carolina robbery suspect’s mugshot has drawn worldwide attention due to the woman’s supposedly scary “black-eyed” stare, according to the New York Daily News.

Lancaster County law officials reportedly picked up 24-year-old Morgan Joyce Varn earlier this week on charges of armed robbery and property damage after she and a male accomplice, Mikael Robinson, reportedly held up a man at gunpoint for his money and cell phone.

“Varn was arrested after a SWAT team found her armed in her home Monday night,” the Daily News confirmed in the report, “[with] a stolen pistol being recovered from the scene,” as well as “ammunition and a ‘substantial amount” of cash,” KTLA adds.

In the scary mugshot, which was shared publicly by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office on their Facebook profile, the heavily-inked Varn is seen looking dead ahead at the camera with her mostly-tattooed face, a black lace top, and the white of her eyes completely darkened, thereby making her naturally-brown irises appear darker — “or “blacker” — than they truly are.

Following a consensus of comments from folks who believed Varn’s mugshot to be altered before it was posted (most social media users were able to surmise that the woman’s corneas, like most of her body, were probably also tattooed), the attitude in conversation shifted from one of intrigue to one of mostly farcical fear.

“What is wrong with her eyes?” one poster shared, with another adding “call a priest!”

Others considered Varn to be “creepy” or “Satanic,” with the media eventually following suit with their own opinions about the scary woman’s blacked-out eyeballs.

scary mugshot eye
Corneal tattooing, occasionally referred to as “eye tattooing,’ can alter the color of one’s eyeballs cosmetically and permanently. [Image by llhedgehogll/iStock]

“A Las Vegas TV station, FOX5 Las Vegas, posted it on Facebook with the headline: ‘Here’s a Mugshot to Haunt Your Nightmares,'” the Charlotte Observer writes.

“[Also], one website set up a discussion group [on Varn’s] case under the title, ‘The Devil Went Down To South Carolina – 2 Charged With Kidnapping.'”

Incidentally, prior to certain cosmetic choices and her “scary” mugshot, a non-black-eyed Varn made headlines via a 2015 Herald Online post, when she and then-boyfriend welcomed her daughter, Nala, to the world with the help of two off-duty firemen from York County.

Varn and Robinson are currently being held, without bond, at the Lancaster County Jail on kidnapping, armed robbery, and property damage charges for their subsequent crimes. The status and location of her daughter has not been made public.

Likewise, another tattooed prisoner’s mugshot recently made the rounds of the internet and quickly went viral, albeit for slightly different reasons than Varn’s.

Texas resident Jacob Pauda, 31, was reported by the Daily Mail as once being a member of the Texas Tango Blast, a known prison gang whose “organization” Pauda proudly publicized through a culmination of tattoos he acquired over a four-year period.

“Pauda’s tattoos, which covered his his entire body, scalp and legs,” the publication expressed, “were a prominent part of the the [domestic violence] case” against Pauda, who stood accused of beating and threatening his then-pregnant girlfriend with a knife.

He was subsequently sentenced to 15 years after being found guilty of third-degree domestic assault.

Prior to sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Laura Beth Fossett relayed that despite the defendant dropping her case, Pauda was not an innocent man.

“Even though the victim no longer wishes to prosecute, it is our job to evaluate each case individually and see if we need to kind of step in for this victim,” she addressed to the court.

“He’s shown a pattern of assaults,” Ms. Fossett pressed on, “and this victim has shown a pattern of going back to him and taking this abuse.”

[Featured Image by Lancaster County Jail]