Kylie Jenner cusses in caption on Instagram post accused of Photoshop

Kylie Jenner Cusses At Fans In Now-Deleted Caption On Suspected Photoshop Post

Kylie Jenner didn’t appreciate being accused of Photoshop in a recent Instagram post as she used some foul language to defend herself. The 19-year-old cosmetics mogul has since deleted the caption that read “it’s a curtain you f***ing idiots” on the photo in question.

Jenner took to Snapchat to attempt to explain the fuzzy surroundings that had some accusing her of relying on photo editing. E! News reported on the controversy as Kylie shared several more photos on the social media platform explaining why the original appeared altered. She stated the posts were for those claiming she used Photoshop to achieve her thin figure.

“For the photoshop police.”

Kylie went on to show the room in which she took the photo and said it’s the space she uses for social media selfies.

“So, this is like my selfie mirror and my Snapchat mirror. So for future, this is a curtain hanging that looks crooked.”

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E! News filled readers in on the skeptical comments left by social media users on Kylie’s post, which featured the teen flaunting her flat tummy in a pair of black Puma briefs.

“On Wednesday, the 19-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and makeup mogul posted a selfie showing off her curves, slim waist, and abs while wearing a white long sleeve white crop top and black Puma underwear.”

Viewers questioned the legitimacy of Jenner’s photo based on a curved “wall” to the left of her waist.

“Some people accused her of photoshopping the pic, citing a warped background behind her.”

However, the “wall” is, in fact, curtains, which explains why it appears rippled. And Kylie was quick to let her followers know the truth as she once again works to shoot down Photoshop claims. Despite Jenner stating the image is not edited and the warped wall is in fact a curtain, some Instagram users still did not believe the reality star.

sasha unreleased

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“Fotoshop look at the curtain.”

Another user even defended Kylie using photo editing on her post.

“Everyone’s so (sic) judging about her editing. Like you’ve never edited any of your photos before.”

However, some people took things to another level as they told Kylie she should be embarrassed to have young women idolizing her figure. The social media commenter went on to state the teen is representing beauty in a fake way, as they imply Jenner relied on surgeries to achieve her look.

“Are you at all embarrassed that so many women and younger girls look up to you?…But you’re clearly blessed with poor photoshopping skills as well, and your audience deserves a truth rather than you to lie to them constantly. You should be ashamed that you’re representing beauty in such a superficial way.”

Hey Vegas ????

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Indeed, Kylie has come clean about receiving lip injections, but still denies breast augmentation and butt implants. However, some plastic surgeons have gone on record to say Jenner must have had some procedures done in order to have the killer curves she currently flaunts.

Despite these statements, some fans truly believe Kylie when she says she’s natural. One of these fans took to commenting on Jenner’s alleged Photoshop post as they called her “fit.”

“It’s real the ‘door’ is a curtain. Y’all are just jelly that she is fit and you ain’t.”

Other fans didn’t appreciate being called “idiot” as they mentioned the now-deleted caption in the comment section.

“Idiots huh [angry emoji face] still love you tho.”

It seems Kylie realized how she came across in the post as she later deleted the expletive-filled caption. Instead of cursing at her followers — and even her haters — Jenner seemed to find a better way to get her point across as she explained the photo in-depth on Snapchat instead.

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