Some conspiracy theorists suggest that Katy Perry is really JonBenet Ramsey.

Katy Perry Is JonBenet Ramsey? Conspiracy Theory Pops Up Again

Is Katy Perry actually JonBenet Ramsey? The conspiracy theory that has occupied many an internet sleuth is rearing its head once again.

Sprung from the minds of conspiracy theorists sometime in the last several years, the basic gist of the wild contention is that JonBenet Ramsey is still alive and has taken on the alias of pop singer Katy Perry.

Similar to Elvis or Tupac sightings, the farfetched theory grew legs online simply due to the stature of the parties involved in its supposed premise: an A-list entertainer, Katy Perry, whispered as being the secret, living culmination of a promising child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey, who was gone much too soon.

Unsolved crimes often give way to intense speculation, and the 1996 death of 6-year-old pageant star Ramsey is no exception. The resulting investigation of JonBenet’s Christmastime killing shook America to its core, with its myriad reports of peculiar evidence, questionable ransom notes, and apparent police ineptitude. To this day, the case remains cold. But could it be that Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey?

Do believe the internet conspiracy theory that JonBenet Ramsey is now Katy Perry?
JonBenet Ramsey is alive as Katy Perry? Conspiracy theorists suggest the possibility. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

On Friday, E! News dusted off the inconceivable internet conjecture that Katy Perry is really JonBenet Ramsey, offering it as one of Hollywood’s “most shocking conspiracy theories” in recent years. The revival of the Perry-Ramsey speculation was part of the celebrity news outlet’s “True Crime Week.”

The conspiracy theory’s start dates to a point in 2014, when a homemade online video popped up on YouTube and began disseminating ideas related to the perplexing notion that Katy Perry might be Ramsey, now grown up and in the guise of an entertainer. Other like-minded conspiracy theory videos followed.

The belief that “JonBenét went into hiding and then reemerged as Katy Perry” initially points to surface-level particularities such as Katy’s eyebrows baring a similar shape to those of Ramsey’s in her childhood photos. However, as one delves into the theory’s details, the realization soon becomes clear that these conspiracy theorists’ extravagant notions go much further than simply pointing out comparable facial features.

Here is a photo of Katy Perry with John Mayer at an event.
Ever wonder what John Mayer thinks about the Katy Perry-JonBenet conspiracy theory? [Image by Harley Gallay/Getty Images]


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Last year, the New York Daily News reported many details about the conspiracy theory of JonBenet supposedly being Katy Perry. The Daily News says that a video “posted back in December 2014 by Dave Johnson” that had “started getting attention.” The video charges that JonBenet is really Katy Perry.

The publication offers the dubious details of Johnson’s conspiracy claim that Katy is JonBenet.

“JonBenet Ramsey did not die, nobody died, nobody got hurt,” the theorist reportedly says in the video. “But she was sacrificed: That sacrifice was in name only, and that sacrifice was to get something, and that something was to become a star.”

Indeed, the apparent conspiracy theory of the video maker posits that JonBenet Ramsey somehow was sacrificially reborn as Perry. Obviously, the chilling theory is hard to swallow.

“JonBenet Ramsey became Katy Perry. That’s a fact. So if any of you continue to lie about this person dying, you are in fact a false witness to murder and death.”

What do you think of the Katy Perry-JonBenet Ramsey conspiracy theory? Is there some possible way that JonBenet is actually still alive and masquerading as pop star Perry right in front of us?

On the other hand, is this idea too outrageous to even be considered by all but the most diehard of internet conspiracy theory warriors? Perhaps, but truth can sometimes seem stranger than fiction.

Let us know your thoughts on JonBenet Ramsey and Katy Perry in the comments section below.

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