WWE Rumors Alexa Bliss nude photos leaked womens star tweets about fakes

WWE Rumors: Alexa Bliss Nude Photos Leaked? WWE ‘Raw’ Star Tweets About ‘Bogus’ Pics, Wants Nude Fakes Erased

Recent WWE rumors suggest that explicit Alexa Bliss nude photos have leaked online ahead of this Sunday’s WWE Payback pay-per-view. However, the women’s star, nicknamed “Five Feet of Fury,” has fired back over the validity of the naked photos that have been circulating online. With her recent comments, it appears that the women’s wrestling heel character is “Blissed off” over the recent naked photos that have shown up online, which she claims don’t show her at all.

Various websites have reported that photos purporting to be WWE women’s wrestler Alexa Bliss have been on a variety of different websites. However, the naked photos don’t show Alexa’s face clearly. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Bliss sent out several tweets earlier on Friday to let fans know the alleged nude photos of her aren’t real. In one of the posted messages, the women’s wrestling star from the Raw roster let fans know, “the risqué photos on the Internet supposedly of me are bogus.” In a follow-up tweet, Bliss tells people that she’s “offended” by the photoshopped pictures and demands that they be immediately removed from the internet.

WWE star Alexa Bliss calls nude photos bogus
WWE star Alexa Bliss tweeted on Friday that alleged nude photos of her online are “bogus.” [Image by WWE]

The news of Bliss calling out fake nude photos of herself online comes weeks after fellow WWE roster member Paige had explicit videos and photos of herself leaked online. The images and video clips, showing Paige in various sexual situations, also involved current WWE roster member Xavier Woods and former roster member Brad Maddox. Those particular pictures and videos were confirmed by Paige as stolen from her hacked phone and leaked online.

A recent article from Bleacher Report last week indicated that the WWE is likely not going to continue with Paige as a part of their roster once her neck issues have been resolved. She received two consecutive drug suspensions and hasn’t been featured in WWE programming beyond Total Divas on E! since then. Paige has been seen in recent social media clips filmed by her real-life boyfriend and wrestling star Alberto Rodriguez (WWE’s “Alberto Del Rio”) as he ranted about the WWE and made comments towards Triple H among others.

As The Sun reported yesterday, Paige is not the only current or former WWE women’s wrestler to be victimized by having explicit images or videos leaked online. Others have included Victoria, Kaitlyn, and Maria Kanellis. Of those stars, Maria formerly appeared nude in Playboy magazine back when the WWE was featuring divas in pictorials for extra publicity. She’s also scheduled to make a rumored return to the WWE with her real-life husband Mike Bennett. The two are expected to become a part of SmackDown Live in the future.

WWE star Alexa Bliss vs Bayley at Sunday's Payback PPV
Alexa Bliss challenges Bayley at Sunday’s Payback PPV for the Raw Women’s title. [Image by WWE]

As for Alexa Bliss, the 25-year-old women’s wrestling star is scheduled to compete at this Sunday’s WWE Payback pay-per-view where she’ll challenge current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bayley for the title. The former WWE SmackDown Women’s title holder moved over to Raw during the “Superstar Shake-up” several weeks ago and was able to win a Fatal Fourway match on Raw involving Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Nia Jax to earn the top contender’s spot for this weekend. On a recent episode of Raw, Bliss walked away from her match against Sasha Banks to get counted out and then attacked Bayley on stage.

As far as these Alexa Bliss nude photos online go, it’s a smart move for Bliss to come out and let fans know that these pictures circulating online are photoshopped fakes of her. While a lot of celebrities are subjected to fake photos being posted of themselves online, it’s clear the women’s division needs to keep a close eye on reputations going forward. That’s especially true with these pics surfacing around the same time as real photos and videos of Paige surfaced, along with alleged real photos of other women’s wrestling stars.

[Featured Image by WWE]