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Obese Death Row Inmate Claims Innocence To Delay Execution

obese death row inmate appeal

An obese death row inmate who has argued that putting him to death would constitute cruel and unusual punishment is now claiming he’s innocent in a bid to delay execution.

Obese death row inmate Ronald Post was convicted in the shooting death of a hotel clerk back in 1983, and thirty years later, Post weighs 480 pounds. As execution looms, the prisoner has argued that his unusually large size would cause him to suffer severe pain during the procedure that would end his life.

A lawyer for the obese death row inmate argued back in September that Post was too fat to execute humanely, saying in a filing:

“Indeed, given his unique physical and medical condition there is a substantial risk that any attempt to execute him will result in serious physical and psychological pain to him, as well as an execution involving a torturous and lingering death.”

A judge rejected Post’s objection and ruled the execution could go on as planned.

At the time, the obese death row inmate’s public defender Joseph Wilhelm also raised objections about the integrity of the conviction, stating that the cruelty considerations surrounding his weight were only part of the reason Post’s fate should be reconsidered:

“Post’s case is about more than his weight, and his life should be spared for reasons wholly unrelated to his obesity.”

ronald post execution appeal

Post says that he was guilty of robbery, but the obese death row inmate contends that another man pulled the trigger and fired the shot that killed the clerk — but prosecutors are not buying his claim:

” … Post said he was ‘complicit in the robbery’ but didn’t enter the hotel personally, Will said in the filing … Will called the allegation a ‘brand new claim’ that isn’t backed up by the facts. He said Post took responsibility when he pleaded no contest in 1984.”

The obese death row inmate is scheduled to be put to death in January.

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36 Responses to “Obese Death Row Inmate Claims Innocence To Delay Execution”

  1. Lisa Hope

    Awww To bad, did you think of the innocent person or persons ( how do we know how many you have really killed) suffering undue pain? You took responsibilty back in 1984.. now the time of death is near you want to claim foul because you got so fat. Suck it up big man, you did the crime now, pay for taking a innocents life, I for one fill no grief over your death.

  2. Clifford R. McDonell

    so put him to sleep before he gets the injection, the stuff they gave me before cataract surgery trust me you don't know where you are at and don't feel a thing, it was the micheal jackson drug they said, WOW what great stuff,

  3. Terry Bettis

    shoot the m/fer with a snipers weapon blow his fat ass up get rid of the scum , we have fed the m/fer f0r over 30 years that's enuff for christs sake.

  4. Jay Finnerty

    shoot the chicken shit or a put a couple cyanide tablets in his 1/4 pounder.

  5. Janet Sehr Hall Duffield

    OMG I thought I heard it all.. I guess not. January isn't here yet.?

  6. Tribal Reunion

    some guy in Washington got a free bypass surgery after he pigged himself out with junk food and then he claimed the same thing. He died before they executed him too. What a waste.

  7. Anonymous

    How the hell did he get so fat in prison? Are they feeding him that good? Or did he just start eating smaller prisoners?

  8. Brooke Taylor

    I don't agree with the death penalty but come on! did the person at the bank get any consideration before that trigger was pulled? hmm. NO! If you ask me, if we in this country are going to have the death penalty it should go on the year of conviction and to be frank the scum sucker should die just like his victims.

  9. Lloyd Nadolski

    I wonder what the poor lady said before you shot her? I bet
    it wasn't I can't right now I'm on a diet!

  10. Nancy Zaft Byrd

    That is bullshit! He didn't not humanely murder that poor person in 1983! Why would the prisons allow him to eat like this anyhow? There are medical personnel that have no problem finding a vein for this piece of crap. I would do it if I could!

  11. Inge Versteegt

    All death penalties are wrong and inhumane. They do not punish the convicted – because death is not a punishment, everyone dies, some die of cancer, others of euthanasia. Why guarantee someone a painless death when they would otherwise perhaps die in agony? All people die, this is a certain fact. The punishment lies in the short life, but a long life in prison is so awful many try to take their own life, so why offer them a way out? The punishment in death penalty is only on the innocent relatives of the convict, they must suffer the loss of a loved one by the hands of the state. Who can they get retaliation from? And if the penalty turns out to be wrongly there is no way to make amends. Everyone in favor of death penalty does not understand anything about punishment and justice.

  12. Gina Keller

    I had an aunt that was stabbed to death and her murderer was finally caught 20 years later. We don't have a lot of sympathy for him.

  13. Holly Sherman

    Exactly! The dead do not suffer…The way to truly punish the evil ones is to force them to live through every horrific day shut up in a cheerless, ugly little world, no attention, no reassurance from admirers or supporters, just nothingness. If remorse CAN come to a killer, it will only come this way.

  14. Agata Foster

    While I do believe that having to stay in prison for your entire life would be horrible, I also believe that the dead DO suffer. Has anyone ever heard of God? Seriously, not trying to be mean or critical, but THAT is one punishment I would not want to face. Sure, a person can repent of their sins and be forgiven but God knows your heart and if you truly do repent. I think the only thing this monster's heart has is a bunch of clogged arteries!!!

  15. Larry Lord

    well, we know the death penalty ensures that THAT pos will never commit another crime!and i'm sure that HELL is no party.this pos has managed to live for 30 years in prison,and the grub must be great,if he weighs 400 lbs..and all of a sudden,after 30 years,he declares he's INNOCENT? roflmao! and,do we REALLY care if his death is painful? *I* don't…anyone else care?

  16. Inge Versteegt

    Well if you have to believe in God in order to be in favor of death penalty, that creates a whole new perspective. Isn't hell eternal? Why would it matter to be sentenced to death or to wait for eternal hell for a couple of years?

  17. Inge Versteegt

    And your bloodthirsty vindictive tones of voice do not strike me as particularly Christian. Turning the other cheek, do not judge, those who are without sin can cast the first stone, love thy neighbour like you love yourself etc etc, those are just hollow prases to you all apparently.

  18. Carl Tassin

    That's right hang his lard ass he don't give a damn about human life

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