‘Buckwild’ Poised To Replace ‘Jersey Shore’ On MTV

Buckwild is slated to be a hit for MTV, and fulfill the desires of Jersey Shore fans who are lost without the antics of Snookie and The Situation to watch each week. The new show is based in small town West Virginia and will premiere on January 3.

Jersey Shore fans are expected to go hog wild for the exploits of the nine friends featured in Buckwild. MTV is airing its newest show in the Jersey gang’s old time slot. Whether or not the residents of Sissonville, West Virginia are happy about the filming remains to be seen.

The Buckwild cast credo is simple and to the point – whatever happens, happens. Unlike Vegas, what happens in Sissonville, will not stay in Sissonville. The young stars’ exploits will be viewed around the world and forever be a video reminder of their younger days.

Buckwild viewers will reportedly get to watch the cast go four-wheeling in mud puddles, drink, and fight throughout the season. Some of the cast activities will include turning a big dump trunk in a temporary swimming pool and rigging up a human slingshot. Perhaps a ‘do not try this at home’ disclaimer should be displayed at the beginning of each episode.

Meet the cast of MTV’s newest show:

Shain: An outgoing former high school prom king who missed the dance because he had to work. His resume include stints as a garbage man and a coal miner.

Joey: He and Shain have been best buds since they were just tots. Joey reportedly thinks of himself as a ladies man with a reckless heart.

Shae: She is a nursing student who has enticed more than a few eligible Sissonville bachelors. Shae reportedly prefers the bad boys in town. Her first kiss was on the back of a four-wheeler.

Cara: She grew up in the biggest college town in the state, so Cara reportedly knows her way around the bar scene. She left Morgantown to get away from a lot of drama with her ex-boyfriend.

Anna: Although she comes from a nice part of town, Anna allegedly likes to get dirty playing in the creeks and woods around Sissonville.

Ashley: She is allegedly the drama starter of the group, but thinks of herself as just one of the guys.

Tyler: He is one of the best looking guys in town and works at his dad’s company.

Katie: The college girl likes to hang with her friends in Sissonville and is allegedly the worrier of the group.

Salwa: She recently graduated from college and is living at home with her strict parents. She allegedly likes to get out of the house and help get the party started.

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