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11-Year-Old Foul Temptress? Texas Gang Rape Case Questions Public Opinions Of Assault Victims

An 11-year-old victim of gang rape is being blamed for leading her assaulters on.

On Wednesday, The Inquisitr reported that Jared Len Cruse has been found guilty of participating in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl from Cleveland, Texas. The 20-year-old faces a sentence of 25 to 99 years in prison.

Cruse follows in fellow rapist Eric McGowan’s footsteps. McGowan received a 99-year sentence for his involvement in the rapes.

Now, 18 more alleged rapists will follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, if any of them plead “not guilty,” the now 13-year-old victim will have to stand trial to accuse her attackers, again and again and again. The victim, who was only 11 at the time of the rapes, has already faced the trials of McGowan and Cruse. Not only has the girl faced the assault of multiple rapes and the public trials of two of her attackers, she has also faced media scrutiny in which some have accused her of being responsible for the heinous attacks.

During final arguments before Wednesday’s verdict, defense attorney Steve Taylor likened the victim to “a spider,” luring the suspects into her seductive web. And that wasn’t the first time the blame for the rapes, which took place over a four month period last year, have been put on the victim.

In a controversial article by The New York Times, journalist James C. McKinley, Jr. wondered how the young men of Cleveland, Texas could “have been drawn into such as act?” His article goes on the note how the unnamed victim was often seen “visiting various friends” in the run-down area of town called “the Quarters.” McKinley comments that the victim “dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.” He added that “she would hang out with teenage boys at a playground.”

The article prompted fury from readers including MS Magazine‘s Andrea Grimes. While recognizing a cultural phenomenon that places the blame of sexual attacks on victims, Grimes accuses McKinley of implying that the girl invited or allowed the attacks.

“[McKinley] may as well have printed that ‘Residents in the neighborhood had steak for dinner’ or ‘Residents in the neighborhood had a real rough day at the office’ or ‘Residents in the neighborhood wanted Bristol Palin to win Dancing With The Stars‘ because those things are about as relevant to the article and the case as what an 11-year-old girl was wearing on or about the time she was PROBABLY GANG RAPED BY 18 OR MORE MEN IN AN ABANDONED TRAILER.

Grimes continues:

“Printing victim blaming speculation about how slutty some people perceived an 11-year-old child dressing doesn’t give readers information they need. It doesn’t paint a picture that helps them understand the situation. It perpetuates rape culture and gives those who want one (and those people are many, as evidenced in said article) an excuse to dismiss the behavior of 18 men who have been suspected of, and I’ll say it again, gang-raping an 11-year-old girl.”

Slate Magazine adds that defense attorney’s attempt to blame sexual crimes on the victims, not because it’s right but “because it works.” Defense attorneys, like Taylor, reportedly “exploit” myths that rape is wanted by the victim, that they somehow “asked for it.”

With the videotaped evidence available in the Cleveland, Texas case, it seems that painting the 11-year-old victim as a femme fatal is the only way Steve Taylor can defend his clients.

The rapes occurred in abandoned trailers in a part of town called “the Quarters.” Five of the suspects are students at Cleveland High School. One suspect is the 21-year-old son of a school board member. The suspects range in ages from middle school to 27-years-old.

The assaults reportedly began when a 19-year-old boy invited the 11-year-old girl to ride around in his car. He later took her to a house where he and several other boys ordered her to “disrobe” and sexually assaulted her. They threatened to beat her if she did not comply, reports say.

The assaults were discovered when a middle school student showed a teacher a cell-phone recording of one of the assaults. School officials determined that the assaults had not taken place on school grounds and promptly turned investigations over to police.

Do you think that the 11-year-old was at fault for these attacks?

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23 Responses to “11-Year-Old Foul Temptress? Texas Gang Rape Case Questions Public Opinions Of Assault Victims”

  1. Pariss Rees

    This is horrifying, victim blaming is a sickness of the mind.

  2. Cathy Fylipek

    Even if she were dressed seductively, she is still only an 11 year old child. The men were all much older and old enough to know it was wrong.

  3. Dee Bennett Robinson

    Rape is about power and control, not sex. No victim is ever responsible for such heinous acts. I too would like to slap the author.

  4. Dee Bennett Robinson

    Rape is about power and control, not sex. No victim is ever responsible for such heinous acts. I too would like to slap the author.

  5. Anonymous

    Women dressed like W]hores. When have they not ruined lives?
    It is a male weakness Exploited by Gorgon Filthy Sluts the world over and bid them, 'Deal with it.'
    Sorry. You deal with it. You are dangling meat in front of a lion and telling the beast not to eat it.
    You will never learn and you have hatred and averice for anyone calling out the women on the beach with a string up their A]ss holes and Nipple Patches telling men to 'deal with it'. You know the psychos are out there and you taunt them and know over BILLIONS are spent a year to Taunt, Tempt and torment men who's first inclination is mating.
    Good luck with the abuse. Claim victim all you want. You are Naked walking down the streets to attract attention and get sexual advances. Well, welcome to the world of extreme sexual advance. Despicable W]hores!

  6. Heather Hyden

    Your a moron.. Anyone can walk down the street looking like a damned nun! And some perv would be tempted.. People like you make good people sick to their stomachs with your nasty hatred

  7. Anonymous

    It doesn't matter how she was dressed. She was only 11. She was the victim. These rapist should be hung by their toes until death. Why send them to jail, they just get out and do it again. Wake up people and smell the coffee. Once a rapist, always a rapist.

  8. Shermanson D. Collette

    Wow, I think he has women issues… That was an 11 year old you idiot!

  9. Shermanson D. Collette

    Hmm, young fresh meat like that… they'll be fightin' every day. Maybe each of them will get gang raped, prisoners hate sex offenders!

  10. Nadja Adolf

    It sounds to me like the US public and the Muslim Brotherhood have something in common. This sounds a lot like the public excuses given by some Egyptian clergy over the conduct of a clergyman who raped and murdered his elementary school aged daughter – the problem could have been avoided if she had just worn a burqa at home so her father wouldn't be tempted to rape and murder her.

  11. Victor T Signs Jr.

    Is an 11 yr old at fault? I don't know, is it the planet's fault that the meteor hit it? Is it the house's fault for being in the path of the tornado? What kind of dumb ass question is that? I don't care if she was walking nude and asking for sex. Touching her is against the F_N law! Anyone with a brain and a conscience knows that.

  12. David Sentell

    You do realize that your comment supports the very rape culture you claim to despise,right? For whatever sicko,demented reasons,these men felt that this girl deserved this treatment. They were wrong .Anyone who thinks anyone "should" be raped, for any reason, is just perpetuating the problem and helping to spread the idea that there are correct circumstances in which one SHOULD be raped. You are wishing the same thing to happen to someone,that you just said was wrong.You are allowing yourself to be tainted by the perpetrators of this horrible crime,and made to be in their same image. A person who thinks rape,in any situation, can ever be a good thing, is obviously not a good person.

  13. Thomas Stratford

    Unheard of in white America, as the racist black feral animals, blame the victim, just as the black subhuman filth tried to blame "whitey" for Mike Tyson's conviction for rape, as today that black POS is also elevated to hero status by the feral blacks and guilty white Liberal media.

  14. Stanton Lore

    Two found guilty so far. One has a release date in 2110. The other life without possibility of parole. Good start. I just hope the others who are guilty will plead out to avoid putting the girl through another rehashing of the trauma.

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