Deer Antlers Tangled

Deer Rescued After Getting Tangled In Christmas Lights [Video]

Eugene, OR – A deer was rescued after getting its antler caught in a string of Christmas lights, according to KVAL.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Brian Wolfer said that deer are rutting this time of year. During this phase, the male deer tend to rub their antlers on trees in-between fighting with other guys.

Unfortunately for deer that live in urban areas, they often find themselves getting entangled in Christmas lights and decorations. Since these items can wrap themselves around the animals’ throat, they ultimately pose a threat to the deer.

Thankfully for this Oregon deer, someone spotted the problem before it was too late.

“It was seen yesterday morning dragging these lights behind it, and originally the bundle of lights were pretty loose but as the morning wore off it started tightening up around the deer’s neck,” Brian Wolfer explained.

The Associated Press reports that biologists managed to track down the deer before the Christmas lights ended its life. After tranquilizing the poor creature, experts were able to untangle the decorations from its antlers and throat.

“If the lights had just been wrapped around the antlers, it wouldn’t have been a big deal because the bucks will shed their antlers in late winter so it would have lost the lights at that point, but because it was wrapped around the deer’s neck it had the ability to restrict air flow or restrict the ability to eat or swallow,” Wolfer said.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials explained that these animals have a tendency to get tangled up in items that are suspended from trees in suburban backyards. Anyone who spots a deer with its antlers wrapped up in Christmas lights or decorations are encouraged to contact authorities are soon as possible. Video of incident has been embedded below.